The Office Sustained Engineering and the Office Deployment Support teams have published Robust Office Inventory Scan (ROIScan.vbs), a new Visual Basic script that administrators can use to collect data about Office installations and to help detect and troubleshoot installation and updates errors. When you run ROIScan.vbs, a log file is created. You can use the log file to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Assess the installed Office configuration on users' computers
  • Get detailed data about the Office installation so you can reproduce the user's environment
  • Look for mismatched Office versions or configurations
  • Help troubleshoot Office software updates and installation issues

You can download the ROIScan.vbs script ( from the Office section of the Script Repository in the TechNet Script Center.

For information about how to run the script and review the log file, see Collect data about Office installations by using Robust Office Inventory Scan script (