We've seen several recent reports of customers hitting the following errors when using OMPM to scan Access databases:

  • Database too large, not copying. Access properties skipped.
  • Not logging Access properties for database.

One of our Microsoft consultants, Sebastien Roche, discovered a workaround to fix this issue:

Modify the OMPM configuration file (offscan.ini) as follows:

Set MaxCopyFileSize=300            ;or a size larger than your largest database

If you set this parameter large enough, you may still receive a "timeout error." In that case, you have to modify the values of the parameters RetryCount & RetryInterval as follows:


RetryCount=15                ;set this to the number of retries per file you would like before moving on

RetryInterval=1500        ;set this to the number of milliseconds to wait between retries.

The downside to this workaround is that OMPM scan performance is slow.