You asked… We answered… PowerPoint Templates

We heard it at TechEd this year, “Do you have a slide deck that we can use to show my company the cool features and benefits of Office 2010, specifically PowerPoint ?”

We do have templates you can customize.   But if you are getting ready to present the idea of deploying Office 2010, and you want to show the benefits that PowerPoint 2010 can provide by using a slide deck – we have an answer for you.

Using a template in PowerPoint takes away one major hurtle of presenting a slide deck - the design aspect.  Perhaps you really didn’t want to come up with one on your own, or perhaps you were stuck on just how to lay out the details, facts and figures of your proposal - while showing off all the new features of PowerPoint 2010 .

Here is a little project called “Everything in this movie was made in PowerPoint” that shows some of the 167 free Office 2010 online templates available on

To get started using templates in PowerPoint 2010, watch an introductory video.