Have you been checking out the articles on TechNet?  Perhaps you left a comment, had a question, or simply were hoping for something to be added to answer a particular scenario you experienced.

Our team looks at those and addresses the issues - but we dont have a direct way of contacting the individual to let them know, unless there is an email address left in the comment.

So for those of you with the latest Access questions/comments, here they are!

Q - How do you open an Access 2003 database using Access 2007, when the Access 2003 database has workgroup security enabled. Since Access 2007 comes with no workgroup administrator, how can you join the workgroup to open the 2003 database?

A - You can still run the administrator, it just isn't on the Ribbon.  Check out What happened to user-level security?

Q - When are linked tables better or worse than .ADP?

A - Everything you wanted to know about ADP's ("Access projects") is here,

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