You can customize and use each of these presentation templates to provide in-house training to your users. Each presentation contains detailed instructions for performing the task, including screenshots and short quizzes. Instructions on how to use the template are included on the last slide in each deck.

2007 Office System

·         Get up to speed with the 2007 system

·         Keyboard shortcuts in the 2007 system

·         How the 2007 system helps you to stay safer


Access 2007

·         Get up to speed with the new features

·         Get to know Access

·         Choose between Access and Excel

·         Datasheets I: Create a table by entering data

·         Datasheets II: Sum, sort, filter, and find your data

·         Datasheets III: Make data easier to read by formatting columns and rows

·         Easy Access with templates I: Create a database

·         Easy Access with templates II: Modify a database


Excel 2007

·         Get up to speed

·         Create your first workbook

·         Enter formulas

·         Figure out dates using formulas

·         Create a chart

·         Get started with PivotTable reports


Live Meeting 2007

·         Get to know Live Meeting

·         Presenter's companion


OneNote 2007

·         Get to know OneNote


Outlook 2007

·         Get up to speed

·         Get out of your Inbox

·         Calendar basics

·         See and use multiple calendars

·         Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail

·         Create and use your own Electronic Business Card

·         Manage your mailbox I: Find its size and trim it down

·         Manage your mailbox II: Understand your choices for storing

·         Manage your mailbox III: Move or copy messages to Personal Folders

·         Manage your mailbox IV: Archive old messages

·         Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up, or share messages


PowerPoint 2007

·         Get up to speed

·         Create your first presentation

·         Add sound effects to a presentation

·         Personalize your slide design

·         Discover the power of custom layouts

·         Get visual with SmartArt graphics


Project 2007

·         Linking Project tasks

·         Present your project in Word, PowerPoint, or Visio


SharePoint Server 2007

Share documents

·         Document libraries I: Introduction to sharing files

·         Document libraries II: All about checkout

·         Document libraries III: Work with version history

·         Document libraries IV: Tips and tricks

·         Document libraries V: How to download a document library

Share Excel data

·         Share Excel data by exporting it to a SharePoint site

·         Excel Services I: The basics

·         Excel Services II: Requirements, recommendations, and permissions

Share your Outlook calendar

·         Calendars I: Make the most of your team calendar

·         Calendars II: Connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook

·         Calendars III: Create your own calendar

·         Calendars IV: Tips and tricks

Share your PowerPoint slides

·         Slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team

·         Slide libraries II: Use slides in the slide library

Create a document workflow

·         Workflows I: Basics you should know

·         Workflows II: Collect feedback for a file

·         Workflows III: Collect digital signatures for a file

·         Workflows IV: Include someone outside your company

·         Workflows V: Handy tips for tasks


Visio 2007

·         Shapes I: Introductory basics you can't live without

·         Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

·         Shapes III: Let's talk about text

·         Shapes IV: Let's talk about text positioning


Word 2007

·         Get up to speed

·         Create your first document

·         Edit text and revise your documents

·         Make documents look great

·         Bullets, numbers, and lists

·         Revise documents with Track Changes and Comments

·         Header and footer basics

·         Headers and footers for document sections

·         Table of Contents I: Create an automatic TOC

·         Table of Contents II: Customize your TOC

·         Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects

·         Save time with templates

·         Reuse text and other document parts: Introducing building blocks

·         Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings


- Andrea Weiss