If you have a lot of files to migrate from the legacy Office binary formats to the Office Open XML formats in the 2007 Office system, try out the Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM). You can find the documentation for OMPM at OMPM online version or OMPM downloadable book. OMPM is a set of tools that includes:

  • File scanner. You can use this to perform a light scan to take an inventory of your files, or to perform a deep scan that uncovers potential migration issues for each file.
  • Database and utilities. The database utilities will automatically create and populate a database for the scanner and reporting utilities, and also perform import/export operations.
  • An Access 2007 reporting tool that presents the data in different views.
  • Office File Converter to convert files in bulk.
  • Version Extraction Tool to extract versions of Word files.

In addition, be sure to visit the OMPM wiki. This has an area for OMPM Contributions, where Microsoft and community members have contributed useful extensions for OMPM, including:

  • Filtering for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files that contain macros
  • Updated version of the Access reporting tool
  • Updated database import scripts
  • Office File Converter (OFC) fix
  • Link repair macro to fix broken links caused by changed file extensions
  • Method for using the Compatibility Pack for single document or batch conversion (instead of using OFC)

The OMPM wiki also contains useful information about Known Issues and Troubleshooting.

- Andrea Weiss