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How to: Find my Language Preferences?


The question that we shall share with you today has to do with Office 2010 Language Preferences

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Question: How do I find my Language Preferences?

Answer: There are three ways to get to Language Preferences: through the Backstage, through Microsoft Office Tools and, in some applications, through the Language Dropdown. We will go through each of them here.

To find Language Preferences in the Backstage:

1. Start Microsoft PowerPoint or another Office application and click on the File button

Go to the File Tab to launch the Backstage

2. Click Options near the bottom left

Select Options in the Backstage

3. Select the Language tab on the left side of the PowerPoint Options

Go to the Language tab in Options

4. The Language Preferences window will be displayed.

Office 2010 Language Preferences in the PowerPoint Options

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To find Language Preferences in the Microsoft Office Tools:

Through your Start menu go to Start –> All Programs –> Microsoft Office –> Microsoft Office 2010 Tools –> Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences

You can access Language Preferences through the Start Menu

To find Language Preferences through the Language Dropdown:

The Language Dropdown can only be found in InfoPath Designer, InfoPath Filler, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio and Word.

1. Start Microsoft PowerPoint or another Office application and go to the Review Tab and select the Language dropdown

The Language Button can be found in the Review Tab

2. Select Language Preferences from the Language dropdown to access Language Preferences

Select Language Preferences in the Language dropdown

Language Preferences can be found through the Spelling dropdown in InfoPath Filler and InfoPath Designer.


The Professor has already taught a lesson about changing your ScreenTip Language in Language Preferences.

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