Office Global Experience Platform Team


Office Global Experience Platform Team

We are the team in Office that focuses on our customers across the globe with a goal of delivering an optimal experience that is consistent with their cultural expectations and enables them to be productive even when they need to work outside of their native language.

To achieve this we:
  • Develop standard components that are used by the Office applications, servers, and services to provide language and/or culture-appropriate features.
  • Expose and provide a consistent user experience for language and/or culture-dependent components (Language Settings/Workflow, Calendars, Text processing, Font technologies, etc).
  • Coordinate the design, development, and testing efforts across the Office product teams to ensure that Office is World-Ready - that is, that the features can be used in any culture and can be localized for any locale/language in a simple and cost-effective way without modifying the underlying code.


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