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  • Blog Post: Why Office? “Our business runs on Excel.”

    I am Jennifer Kensok and I am a product manager in the Office Enterprise business.  I work with a lot of customers, and sometimes I wonder if customers could use Excel alone to run a business. From what I have heard from customers, Excel 2010 with PowerPivot is the best bet yet for any frugal companies...
  • Blog Post: Functions and Solver Improvements in Excel 2010

    There have been several improvements made in Excel 2010 to the function library and the Solver add-in. The function improvements have been made to address issues reported in academic papers as well as customer feedback. To quote the Excel team blog : “In Excel 2010, we made many improvements to Excel...
  • Blog Post: Data Visualization Features in Excel 2010

    The Excel team has made several improvements in the data visualization area for Excel 2010 and been posting lots of details on the Excel Team Blog . First off, the Excel team added a visualization that you can use to enhance your spreadsheets, sparklines : “For Excel 2010 we’ve implemented sparklines...