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Lots of Office Team Blog Updates!

Lots of Office Team Blog Updates!

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It’s been a busy few weeks for many Office product team blogs so we wanted to take a step back and highlight some recent posts you might be interested in.

In addition to the three posts highlighted above many of the other teams in Office also continue to post on a regular basis.  Check out all of the team-specific blogs on the sidebar of this blog.  Can’t find something you’re looking for?  Leave us a comment and we’ll help you find it.


  • Is there still a tablet team? I and others have been testing the Office 2010 tablet functions and leaving feedback, but it terms of developer responses has been really quiet.  -Joe

  • Joesixgig,

    There's actually several teams that work on ink and touch: There's the people in the Windows team that do a lot of the OS features and architecture, those of us on the Office Graphics team that handle the Office implementations of those features, and the One Note team, who share some of our work and have additional features that only work in their application.

    I'm sorry if you're not seeing a lot of responses to your posts.  We're pretty heads-down wrapping up Office 2010.  We'll try to get better at not letting that prevent us from replying.

  • Thanks for the response. I do a lot of drawing in PPT for teaching, so I'm hoping some of the issues in the beta have been addressed:


    - no freeform lasso select available

    - rectangle selection of a group of pen strokes seems to be planned, but the corresponding button is grayed out


    - no lasso select or rectangle select of a group of pen strokes available

    Thanks again for a sign of life, and looking forward to the final product.


  • Is there a UI team...people who can design UI's using common sense rather than Data driven engineering..who understand real life senarios...who talk to "Real" users and not people trapped inside "usability labs"

  • I have Windows 7 64 bit and just downloaded Office 2010 beta. When I double click the filr to install, I receive a message that says: This product must be installed to Q:. Ensure that Q: is unused and try again. I use Q: for quality assurance and don;t want to change it. Is there a way to bypass this or change the drive letter used?

  • I just install Office Professional plus 2010 and when I run the Windows update it give me this; ERROR for Actualización validación de documento de Microsoft Office 2010 (beta) (KB976133), edición de 32 bits. I really don't know if this is the right place tu publish my problem, please tell me what or where to go to solve it


  • Dear Tucker,

    Could you forward my previous comments to the Tablet aficionados in the Office Graphics team? It would break my heart / tablet pen if some of these don't get addressed before release.



  • I'm having trouble activating my Beta Version of offcie 2010 -  I type in the key 22HGX-728MX-BBWX9-7BB8X-J96B4 and it says it's installed, and to close and restart any office program to finish installation - however when I reopen word I get the same need to validate office again window - please help!

  • I have Lenovo which uses Q drive for recovery and cannot install MS Office 2010 Beta. I get an error which states This product must be installed to Q. I believe this is a problem with all new Lenovo computers.

    Thank You

  • Do you have any plans to support the playback of 32bit video files (video with alpha channel).

    Would love to see PowerPoint making the most of its smooth video playback

  • Download MS Office Professional Plus which does not use virtualization technology.

  • I use an application, BidMagic, that transfers data from SqlServer to an XML document/template.  This works fine in Word 2007 and in Word 2010 until I modify the document.  It then breaks and will no longer accept data.  The modification can be as simple as deleting a blank line.  Once the document is saved, it no longer works.

    I tried re-installing Office 2010 today, but it loaded the same version I've used since January.  I am heavily immersed in Office 2010 since this is the only problem I've encountered that I could not fix or live with.

    Any hope for a fix or short-term workaround?

    thanks much.

  • I download a word docx and I cannot print or do anything with it? I am ready to go back to 2007. same problem in xlsx files. Cannot save as it says I do not have enough memory/

  • this product must be to Q:,Ensure that Q:is unused and try you can't even fix it you suck

  • Did any one figure out how to download ms office on a lenovo?

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