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Get Office for Today or Tomorrow

Get Office for Today or Tomorrow

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Today’s post is just a quick status update to keep everyone in the loop on the progress Office 2010 is making, as well as to provide finalized details for our Office 2010 Technology Guarantee.

Starting today, consumers who purchase and activate Office 2007 will be able to download Office 2010 at no additional cost when it becomes available in June 2010.

All you need to be eligible for this program – Office 2010 Technology Guarantee – is the following:

  • Purchase Office 2007, or a new PC with Office 2007, and activate it between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010.
  • Have, or create a Windows Live ID.
  • Redeem your Tech Guarantee before October 31, 2010 by visiting

The Office 2010 Technology Guarantee will be fulfilled online, via download, at no additional cost.

For more information about the Office 2010 Technology Guarantee, and to sign up for an e-mail reminder when Office 2010 is available, visit

In addition to the Office 2010 Technology Guarantee, were excited to confirm that Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010 and Project 2010 are on schedule and will release to manufacturing (RTM) next month.

For businesses, we will launch the 2010 set of products, including Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, and Project 2010 worldwide on May 12. To find out more about the Worldwide Business Launch, visit

For consumers, Office 2010 will be available online and on retail shelves this June. Until then, you can get the Office 2010 beta at

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or topics you’d like to see us discuss here in the future to help you prepare and leverage Office 2010.

Jevon Fark, Sr. Marketing Manager, Microsoft Office

  • Nice dates.Office 2010 just around the corner :D

  • you can get Microsoft office 2010 for free already now though, I already have it

  • How sad that this offer is only for those who purchase beginning March 5.  MS is saying screw you if you purchased on March 4.  

  • I don't think that it is fair that you are only extending the Free MS office 2010 to people that bought Office 2007 only after March.  I purchased my 2007 version just a few month ago.  Those of us that are loyal MS Office users should be extended this offer to get 2010 for free as well.  You are leaving out a vast majority of customers on this deal.

  • Does this mean that current 2007 users will NOT be eligible? Isn't that sort of a snub to those who have been using the newest Office products?  Further, could I uninstall/deactivate my current copy of Office 2007, then reinstall/activate it and then be eligible?

  • Hi, I was wondering if this only applies towards individual purchases of office 2007 or also towards the volume license purchase? Thanks!

  • TechNet/MSDN availability is also on May 12th, correct?

  • Typical of my usual timing.  I purchased a new computer and a license for Office 2007 last week!  This is a real slap in the face.

  • For those of you complaining that you just bought Office 2007 and won't be eligible for a free upgrade: Did you get a working copy of Office 2007? Isn't that what you paid for? Microsoft is not required to provide a free upgrade, so just be happy they are offering this deal at all.

    Also, calling it a slap in the face to long time office users is plain dumb. We have known about Office 2010 for a while now, and if you are a long time office user, you know that their product cycle is every 3 or so years. Put 2 and 2 together, stop whining about your decision, and be happy that you got what you paid for.

  • I would ike to know what happens to us that removed Office 2007 to test Office 2010.

    Very interested to know that.

  • Any word on Student pricing/discounts?  The Ultimate Steal site is already advertising that students can buy it and then get Office 2010 for free, so will that deal keep going after Office 2010 is released?

  • Great news for those who need Office now, but were holding out for Office 2010. :-)

    In reply to Bob Seymour, Sandra Harris, Roberta Metalious -

    For those of you who just missed out by a few days on this great offer just return Office 2007 to the store and re buy it so you qualify.  If the retailer refuses the return simply return the software to Microsoft.  At least in North America Microsoft has a very generous 45 day refund policy which you may qualify for:

    Personally I would just use the Office 2010 Beta until the real deal comes out, however some people may not be comfortable running beta software, in which case this offer is great for them.

    It can be downloaded here

    that way you dont have to deal with the Tech guarantee hassle.


  • Calling it a slap in the face is like complaining that you don't have any Christmas gifts because you stole them from under the tree on December 15th.

  • What isn't clear to me if how can we submit the sales receipt online? Will it be an automated process that checks the activation date and whether the product key was activated before March 5th? Please clarify.

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