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Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010

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Business Contact Manager is a powerful contact and customer information management feature of Outlook.

The new version of Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook 2010 is far more powerful and flexible than BCM for Outlook 2007. Manage your business contacts, track opportunities through the sales cycle, send personalized marketing campaigns, and organize your business projects.

With this introductory post, the BCM team has started to write about the top features in their upcoming release for Office 2010:

  • A new user experience makes BCM very flexible and easy to use, and it offers effective visualization of your business data through charts and a customizable dashboard.
  • BCM also enhances the effectiveness of your sales management process. For example, the automatic lead scoring functionality will help you identify the most important leads and shrink the sales cycle.
  • Best of all, you can modify BCM to fit your business needs. Completely customize BCM forms using a new visual designer, create new record types, define custom relationships, and create custom reports.

There are many new and exciting features in BCM. Visit BCM Team Blog regularly to learn how BCM for Office 2010 can help grow your business.

When you try Office 2010 you can download BCM from the Microsoft Connect site.  Please try it out and send us your feedback!

  • im still using bcm for outlook 2007 and have customised forms etc will i lose my customidsations when i migrate to 2010

  • When will Outlook 2010 BCM be released?  I switched to other CRM software but now I am considering going back to BCM.  I am anxious to find out if some of the issues I had previously have been resolved.

    Thank you


  • Will BCM finally be able to be shared with MS Exchange or even sharepoint.  Our branches share our contacts and calendars.  BCM would be great if only it was brought up to speed with the way companies work today.  Heck BCM 2007 was so backward you couldn't even properly sync it with blackberry.

  • We use BCM in small work groups, but what we really ant to do is have all users in the office and those accessing via Outlook Web access to see the latest notes and conversations that people are having with suppliers and customers - be that our receptionist, accounts staff, sales person or even just general managment.  Will that happen now?

  • I used BCM a few times but I could not stand the "double" contact list. Why does BCM can't use Outlook contact list?

    Maybe 25% of my contact in Outlook are personal contact and also business contacts. So I could only use the contact in the BCM but then they would not get synchronized with my phone.

    Are you planning on merging the contacts all in one place and simply allow us to create groups?

  • I just decided to quit ACT 11.0 and move back to Outlook BCM due to worse phone syncronization capabilities. I hope that BCM 2010 will perform windows mobile phone sync as well as Outlook 2007 does.

  • Is there a way to only synch a subset of BCM contacts to my Local Outlook Constact and subsequently, my phone? We have thousands of BCM contacts and I would rather not have them all on my phone and Local Contacts.

    Possibly synch a category to local Outlook would work.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I note that the last few comments were concerning syncing with mobile phones. This has been a problem with BCM up to now. I have 2000 contacts on my business database and I would prefer to just have a subset on my phone, so endorse the comment from David Mansfield, above. When I used an early version of the Microsoft sync tool it converted my 2000 contacts to 6000 contacts as I had separate entries for each contact for phone, mobile, email etc. Is this still the case? For the last few years I have used Chapura Pocket Mirror which really is great (albeit slow sync), but they have now discontinued development of this on Windows platform, so I'm looking for something as good. Will the new software crack this problem? It strikes me that keeping copies of contacts on Phones is something all customer focussed people must do, but its an area which has not been properly addressed up to now.

  • I hoped MS would replace BCM with a "lite" version of Dynamics CRM ....

  • I note there are no answers to any of the queries listed. hence are these questions just filling up a web page or being considered or answered?

  • For 7 years I have been waiting for BCM to sync with Exchange.  In fact I haven't checked on 07 to see if it was possible because I gave up.  Does anyone know if 07 or 10 are implementing this function?  

  • I am running Win with Office 2010 Beta. I cannot load Business Contact Manager. Since previous is not compatible with Win 7, I really need to get this to work. The error has to do with SQL. I have followed suggestions to load/reload SQL. Done that, still does not install.  

    I appreciate your help.

  • Same as above plus I cannot find and sample data file to explore and practice BCM

  • I am running Win with Office 2010 Beta. I cannot load Business Contact Manager - is BCM Office 10 available?

    I use it for territory and account management because is is more convenient than our corporate SFA

    healthcare consulting services and tablet pc for ISVs

  • I am running Microsoft Office Suite 2007 that includes BCM.  I have never been able to get it configured properly to work.  I downloaded Microsoft Office Pro 2010 and BCM 2010 and will be using it on a stand alone PC.  I need help to configure it.  Can you provide advice on how to do this?

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