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Tell us what you think about Office 2010 (Technical Preview)

Tell us what you think about Office 2010 (Technical Preview)

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Using Office 2010, have something you want to tell Office?  Maybe you're having trouble finding something in the UI or have a specific suggestion on how we can improve a feature.  Or, maybe there's something you love and you want to make sure we know about it so that we keep it in the product. The best tool to use to give us feedback on the Office 2010 (Technical Preview) is called Send-a-Smile.

Hello and welcome to Office 2010!  My name is Amanda and I am a Program Manager in Office, on my team we build Feedback tools, including Send-a-Smile.  My job is to ensure the Office user has the opportunity to provide feedback (likes and dislikes) about their Office 2010 experience and then route this information to the right people on the Office teams.  The teams use this information to make decisions regarding feature designs and to help prioritize bug fixes.

Where can I get Send-a-Smile?  Send-a-Smile automatically installs with Office 2010, you’ll see two icons added to the notifications area of the taskbar over by the clock: a Smile to click when you want to give us positive feedback and a Frown to click when there's something you don’t like.  On Win7, you may need to go specifically add them to the list of icons you want to see in the taskbar.

Send A Smile in Windows Taskbar

Do we actually read the comments?  Absolutely!  In fact we’ve already taken fixes to the product, which future downloaders of the Office 2010 (Technical Preview) will benefit from.  Let me walk you through the process from sending a comment to someone on the Office team reviewing the comment.

How does one submit a comment?  As previously noted, the Send-a-Smile tool installs along with the Office 2010 (Technical Preview).  After the installation is complete, you will see the Smile and Frown icons in the taskbar.

Clicking on the Smile or Frown will launch the Send-a-Smile tool.

Send A Smile Tool

There is a text box to type your comment, and optionally you can include a picture of your screen and your e-mail address (so that we can contact you if necessary.)  The screenshot is a really interesting and useful part of the feedback... especially where the UI is concerned.  But, of course, you can just send the text if you'd rather.  After you click “Submit”, off your feedback goes to Microsoft...

Where does the Smile or Frown go after you click submit and see the envelope fly away?  Who reads my Smile or Frown comment?

The comment goes into a database here at Microsoft.  Based on the comment text, we automatically group “tag” the comments by team and by feature.  This helps get your comment to the appropriate team as quickly as possible. 

An internal website has been created specifically for these comments.  The Office teams use the website to review all the comments “tagged” to their team and features.  While reviewing the comments, the teams have the option to give the comment a status to help categorize and later follow up on specific comments. 

Office Feedback Portal

This feedback mechanism has already had a big impact on the product.  Bugs have been identified and fixed.  And of course, the many positive comments we receive help us not to tinker with the things that it seems we've gotten right.

We cannot guarantee that we'll act on every comment (which would be impossible anyway since many of the comments directly contradict other comments), but we can promise that we read them, consider them, and use them to help make decisions about the product.

The long and short of it all this, when you have feedback please click on the Smile and Frown icons...we are listening and love to receive feedback on the Office 2010 (Technical Preview).  This is the most direct way for anyone in the world to get their feedback heard by the right person, with none of the barriers usually associated with trying to give feedback to a big company (phone trees, "customer service representatives", etc.)

  • It's good, except the version is 14. There is no such thing as a Superstition for the number 13. Can't you microsoft people wait for office 2012 or 2013 as office 14? Office 2010 wouldn't be a good as version 14. If you people are going to make office 2010 as version 14, then i would give that product 1 star. And if it that program was release as that version, I wouldn't get and i would say "this is the worst office release ever. it is more terible then Windows Vista" and i would stick with Office 2007 aka office 12. So make up minds!

  • Horrible...Unable to install...I get 2203 error.

  • Well, i want an option to choose "Ribon" Or "Menu Line" I am not a chinesse to remember all those please put words. Thank you.

  • I haven't downloaded the leak, because it was an alpha and it was leaked so i know you guys was still working on it alot. I'm waiting for the Beta that will be released soon.

    I seen allot of screen shots. And you added the Ribbon to everything thank you. The User interface is amazing and with the customization you took a huge step with the customization.

    I think if you added the ability to customize the Ribbon you wouldn't need the quick access menu.

    But i think you were fools to say they weren't enough commands in OneNote to have the Ribbon, you were crazy but not fool sorry. I can't wait for the for the Final version of Office 14, I really love that you can customize the Ribbon and add and remove your Tabs.

    Now people will start making there Ribbons and call them different kinds of things, with the import and export. On word I'm planning on making a advanced Typewriter kind(i don't like WordPad much, to simple)

    But with the customization i think those people who don't like the new Interface will try to create the old menu bar by putting them into the Ribbon. The Ribbon to dull i can barely see the groups anymore i hope you have different color themes or schemes like 2007 did. Because the Ribbon is to rectangular the groups blend in.

  • I’m running Office 2010 Technical Preview Build 14.0.4006.100.  I like it, it’s definitely better than the click to run version.

    I like the "Customize Ribbon" feature, and the fact that you can import and export the customized Ribbons from user to user.

    I dislike that you have to import and export "All" the customizations together, it would be nice if the final release allowed you to import or export just an individual Ribbon Tab.

    That way if I had a customized Ribbon Tab in Word 2010 named "Regulatory Formatting", and I needed to import a new customized Ribbon Tab for say "Manufacturing Formatting", I could do that without losing my customized "Regulatory Formatting" Ribbon Tab.  This would make this new feature much more user friendly.

    I also like that PowerPoint 2010 allows you to save a presentation as a *.wmv file, however it would be nice if other video formats were supported such as Mpeg 2 and Mpeg 4.

  • Hi all, I perused the new features list and did not find any comments about Visio in SaaS formation or cloud delivery.

    Any idea anyone >?...

    It is time to move forward and in seems that Visio was left behind....  again.....

    What about Visio collaboration (or even more imprtant- Visio Web Collaboration?)

    Looking forward to hear from you!


  • Nothing beneficial for most businesses - no reason to upgrade/purchase -

    Like Vista - all bling - no function.

    If they wanted to improve Office they SHOULD have -

    1. Made outlook open multiple e-mail accounts as full exchange -not an additional mailbox with some functionality or pop/imap with very limited functionality but two seperate exchange profiles simultaneously from multiple exchange servers.

    2. Full OLE support for pictures in access - umm wasn't that functional with Office XP - why take that out? Why should someone have to code to add pictures to a personal database? Might was well use oracle or a real database if you are going to have to use code. Adding Office XP photo editor is the work around but why not just add photo editor back into office if that is the solution?

    3. Offer the old menu bar for people (most of my clients) who don't want to learn the new menu bar. You can finally modify the ribbon to some extent in 2010 however my clients just want their old ribbon bar. Frankly I have no issue with the new menu bar but I'm one person and most of my clients don't like it so prefer to stick with office 2003. MS could make money selling the new version if they just offered the old menu as a choice with the new ribbon.

  • I may have posted something similar before, but, I have to counter the negative comments that keep coming from Technet blog auto email :

    I was on Win7 beta from last year [ and many prior Windows and Office betas ]and the look and feel with O2K10 is very similar to that from day One with Win 7. viz -

    Putting aside connectivity/regional/time date  issues with online versions [c2r etc]

    from Beta 1 [ ctp] the build is of a standard that exceeds the RTM versions of Win95, XP and Vista.

    end of story


  • Cannot install error 2203

  • I'm not even using the beta of Office 2010 and yet this Send-a-Smile thing showed up out of the blue without any explanation in my taskbar. How do I turn it off?

  • I installed the beta yesterday, and so far I really love it. It was a clean, fast install. The only glitch I seen so far is with Outlook. I didn't know what the send a smile was prior to this, so I shut it down and I got an error on Outlook where it couldn't hit the hotmail server through connector.

    I can't remember what the error is now, something to do with a misplaced data file. I just created a new one, and everything seems fine for now. It happens every now and then, so next time it happens at least I know to use the send a smile option when it does.

    So far I like the 2010 build, and if it keeps going the way it is, I'll definitely buy a copy once it becomes live.

  • in case you want to turn that Send-a-Smile service off, it's fairly simple: just remove the "officeSASscheduler.exe" key from RUN/ in your registry.

    I assume you know how to do that, otherwise, a safer way of doing it is toggling it off with e.g. CrapCleaner's startup registry editor which can be toggled back on in case you want SaS back or somehow f**ked my advice up.

  • Send a smile should die.

    There are plenty of better ways to get feedback back than one that makes my computer look like an IM conversation. And there is absolutely no reason to turn on Send a Smile when office isn't even running. Learn to think, Microsoft. This is worse than a talking paperclip - at least the paperclip was only there when I had Word open. Not only that, but the option to disable it is hidden (I'm assuming it exists); why can't I right click on it and tell it to go away and never come back?

    The only good thing is that every time I turn on my computer, I'm given a good way to tell Microsoft how much I don't like this vile contraption of theirs.

    Update: Judging from the post above mine - looks like to turn off send-a-smile you need to oh jeez that's easy just edit a registry value thank you guys why didn't I try that in the first place.

  • Please I need help because I can not insstal office 2010 with click to run and in my pc appears an icon that say something and the letter (Q): so I dont know how to delete this one. Please help me or redirect me to the proper forum. Excuse my english I live in Venezuela.

  • Hi, first of all, great idea that you guys opened the beta to all public for feedbacks. Though I must say that in my instance, I un-installed the send-a-smile program by mistake. I thought it was some bundled software my siblings downloaded from the net. haha silly me :)

    So I'll just post my feedback here :)

    1. Please make the send-a-smile program as a plug-in or extension inside Microsoft Office instead of a stand alone program. It would gather more application specific feedbacks. You guys can even make it  permanent part of the Office 2010 RTM (part of continuous improvement cycle a.k.a. PDCA)

    2. The find (ctrl+F) needs some rethinking. For further details, check how Chrome highlights texts and display information on the scroll bar. Please add a search bar next to the formula bar in Excel so I won't need to press ctrl+F all the time.

    P.S. Thanks for adding search in the filter data in Excel. :) I love you guys! Please add search functionality for the pick-from-list too.

    3. The new paste options are awful. I have no need of them. It made my right-click menu tight. Please add the functionality to add or remove buttons in the right click menu.

    4. I love the previous logo/file menu button. Please put it back to where it was or just add "File" in the bottom of the logo for those who are clueless.

    5. Make the file menu look more consistent. Make the "save, save-as, open" window built-in to the menu like how you have made the "recent, new, print and share." It looks great btw.

    That's it. Thanks again for reading this :)

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