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Tell us what you think about Office 2010 (Technical Preview)

Tell us what you think about Office 2010 (Technical Preview)

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Using Office 2010, have something you want to tell Office?  Maybe you're having trouble finding something in the UI or have a specific suggestion on how we can improve a feature.  Or, maybe there's something you love and you want to make sure we know about it so that we keep it in the product. The best tool to use to give us feedback on the Office 2010 (Technical Preview) is called Send-a-Smile.

Hello and welcome to Office 2010!  My name is Amanda and I am a Program Manager in Office, on my team we build Feedback tools, including Send-a-Smile.  My job is to ensure the Office user has the opportunity to provide feedback (likes and dislikes) about their Office 2010 experience and then route this information to the right people on the Office teams.  The teams use this information to make decisions regarding feature designs and to help prioritize bug fixes.

Where can I get Send-a-Smile?  Send-a-Smile automatically installs with Office 2010, you’ll see two icons added to the notifications area of the taskbar over by the clock: a Smile to click when you want to give us positive feedback and a Frown to click when there's something you don’t like.  On Win7, you may need to go specifically add them to the list of icons you want to see in the taskbar.

Send A Smile in Windows Taskbar

Do we actually read the comments?  Absolutely!  In fact we’ve already taken fixes to the product, which future downloaders of the Office 2010 (Technical Preview) will benefit from.  Let me walk you through the process from sending a comment to someone on the Office team reviewing the comment.

How does one submit a comment?  As previously noted, the Send-a-Smile tool installs along with the Office 2010 (Technical Preview).  After the installation is complete, you will see the Smile and Frown icons in the taskbar.

Clicking on the Smile or Frown will launch the Send-a-Smile tool.

Send A Smile Tool

There is a text box to type your comment, and optionally you can include a picture of your screen and your e-mail address (so that we can contact you if necessary.)  The screenshot is a really interesting and useful part of the feedback... especially where the UI is concerned.  But, of course, you can just send the text if you'd rather.  After you click “Submit”, off your feedback goes to Microsoft...

Where does the Smile or Frown go after you click submit and see the envelope fly away?  Who reads my Smile or Frown comment?

The comment goes into a database here at Microsoft.  Based on the comment text, we automatically group “tag” the comments by team and by feature.  This helps get your comment to the appropriate team as quickly as possible. 

An internal website has been created specifically for these comments.  The Office teams use the website to review all the comments “tagged” to their team and features.  While reviewing the comments, the teams have the option to give the comment a status to help categorize and later follow up on specific comments. 

Office Feedback Portal

This feedback mechanism has already had a big impact on the product.  Bugs have been identified and fixed.  And of course, the many positive comments we receive help us not to tinker with the things that it seems we've gotten right.

We cannot guarantee that we'll act on every comment (which would be impossible anyway since many of the comments directly contradict other comments), but we can promise that we read them, consider them, and use them to help make decisions about the product.

The long and short of it all this, when you have feedback please click on the Smile and Frown icons...we are listening and love to receive feedback on the Office 2010 (Technical Preview).  This is the most direct way for anyone in the world to get their feedback heard by the right person, with none of the barriers usually associated with trying to give feedback to a big company (phone trees, "customer service representatives", etc.)

  • er, love to try,

    but where do you get it ?

    I'm still "pending" on connect

  • How to use

    in Office 2010?

  • If you want the same information in FRENCH, go there :


    Si vous souhaitez la même information en français, c'est par ici :

  • I'm happy with the 2010 release. After 2003 RTMed, I'd given feedback that I'd like to see better graphs in Office, overhauled equations, typography in Word and Publisher and graphically improved transitions in PowerPoint and got them (first two in 2007) and rest in 2010. I wish Office (Word especially) had a more standards-compliant web layout engine that would generate more pure (X)HTML. I'd also like to see the return of some very useful and well-loved Office features like Save and Restore Office settings wizard, real slipstreaming service packs into Setup and the powerful context-sensitive (What's this) help system last seen in Office XP.

  • On multi-monitor screens you should only capture the main monitor. And is there any chance to give real feedback?


  • This looks very useful..

    When can we (corporate IT) have access to Send-a-Smile for our own internal feedback?

  • I'm running Office 2010 Tech Preview on Windows 7 RC and there's no "send a smile" anywhere to be found, not in the notification area, not in the notification customization options. I like the new Office features, especially in Outlook, although I've had some problems with Outlook 2010 not remembering my mail configuration and having to set up my email accounts again when I restart (running on a Windows 7 VM in Windows VPC).

  • Thanks for the feedback. We love to hear what's working for you and what's not, so keep it coming. A few follow ups and questions.

    maleckie - If you've go to the connect site through the invite you should be set. What program are you in?

    chsword - The best to get an answer is to post a specific question in one of the connect newsgroups (e.g., for a particular client application).

    Michael - Thanks for the suggestion. During the design phase it proved hard to determine what the "main monitor" is since Send-a-Smile (SAS) is a standalone application and currently not tightly integrated with applications. Comments are routed to the product teams and we look closely at all the feedback.

    dpalmerston - SAS is currently a tool that we only use during previews. It's not included in the final (RTM) version, but that's an interesting suggestion.

    debshinder - It should have been in the notification customization options. Which versions (e.g., 64 bit, standalones, Office suite) did you install?


  • I would like to second Palmerston's comment about Send A Smile. I like that feature a lot. One way I can think of that it would be useful is in asking for keywords to be added to Help files. Many times over the years I have had no luck finding help with new features. I have always thought perhaps I was not using the right keyword.

    For one example, I clicked on Help in Excel 2010, and used the search string 'insert equation'. Search returned no results. I can use SAS to ask for that string to be added to the appropriate help file(s).

    Thanks for your work ... vanilla

  • The improved splash screen that shows the progress of loading addins is alone for me to upgrade to 2010. Awesome work Microsoft. Helps me exactly locate which addin is causing an Office app to load slowly or stop responding.

  • Hello!

    I'm not sure that this is the right place for such kind of questions, so please redirect me to proper forum or blog or documentation.

    I fail to do very basic things, like I can not save newly created file with Excel. I'm sure that Excel team tested this many times. This means that I'm doing something wrong.

    How can get myself on a right direction.

    Smiles are good. But I don't get response on what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank for you help!


  • I'm on the click-to-run (virtual) version and there's no sign of Send-A-Smile anywhere.  Am I meant to have it?

  • I have the "Make SubPage", "MergePages", "SortPages", and "SortSections" OneNote2007 powertoys. I had hoped that these would be included in OneNote2010, but I see that they are not. Will these powertoys berevised for OneNote2010?

    I like the changes in Office2010. I've sent a few frown comments.

  • Really nice update to 2007. The paste feature saves a lot of reformatting text. Only issue is a problem crashing word and outlook when opening a word doc received as an attachment. Also blank box when right clicking inside word. Are there updates available?

    thanks again for the smile function

  • I haven't been able to get Office 2010 technical preview to install. I get error 2203 in 24b5292.msi. It says to contact microsoft PSS, but the file it says contains info does not exist, and microsoft PSS website does not contain Office 2010, so I am unable to provide feedback and, therefore, unable to install or try Office 2010.

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