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Leaked build and Staying Safe

Leaked build and Staying Safe

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I wanted to post quickly to acknowledge the information that you have seen today around bits of Office 2010 being leaked.  While all of us here are happy to see the incredible excitement and engagement (and are absolutely chomping at the bit to reach the July milestone) we aren’t quite ready to release the technical preview bits.  I would encourage all of you to wait until the official bits are available to ensure the best possible experience and not miss out on anything we may include. 


As a heads up, because we want to ensure our customers are safe, we have been monitoring various torrents and already detected quite a few that were infected.  As a reminder,  the Win 7 leak was used as a vector for attack and it’s not surprising to see this being used the same way.  So, please be aware that if you download this torrent there is a very good chance you are also getting some unexpected malware with it. 


In the meantime keep checking back as we will certainly have more updates.



  • Im running both the Windows 7 RC and the Office 2010 Technical Preview on my production machine without any notable issues. The office 2010 TP did an inplace upgrade of Office 2007 successfully.

    The only disappointment is that the 'Conversation View' feature in Outlook 2010 lacks any intelligence and seems to simply group by Subject.

    e.g. I had two emails from two difference people regarding different meetings with different parties on different dates. The only commonality was the subject of both emails was 'Meeting'.

    Outlook grouped these emails and replies as 'A Conversation' which clearly they are not. It should be looking at a combination of the sender/recipiants of the email AND the subject, not just the subject alone.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview should be available in July 2009 ( we are still working on it

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview sollte in Juli 2009 verfügbar sein ( wir arbeiten noch daran

  • I would just encourage you to keep in mind that what you are playing with isn't the official TP build so things are subject to change.

    That said, I am happy to hear it installed OK, definitely double check to make sure you didn't get one of the bots we have found with the bits.  

  • If any of you are concerned, you can run Sigcheck to verify that all files such as ".cab", ".exe", ".msi", and ".dll" are correctly signed.  Sigcheck is available here:

  • I don't understand why comments that are meant to be constructive either don't show up here when you sign in, or they are moderated over hours or days.

  • You could also help people staying secure by releasing SHA1 Checksums of leaked builds ;)

  • Il nuovo Office 2010. Qualcuno potrà già provarlo a luglio, grazie al lancio della Beta Technical Preview. Altri invece, dovranno aspettare qualche mese in più. Forse fino a dopo l'estate. Mentre, per il pacchetto ufficiale, la maggior parte degli utenti..

  • All users understand leaked builds are interim builds, and until you get to RTM you will have interim builds.  The official TP build will immediately leak, thus imposing democracy onto what does not need to be invitational, and allowing testing to be conducted more widely.  This is why medicine is based on multi-center trails with large numbers in order to try to get the safest and most efficacious meds.

    Thanks for starting this blog.  I've learned a lot from the one Sinofsky, Devann, and the girls and boys on the Windows teams have been running on Win 7, and hopefully I can learn about Office 2010 above and under the hood here.

    I would think that if you follow the advice of MSFT,  Technet and MSDN security sites at a minimum, and you have decent AV protection, and in theory if you're running Vista or Win 7 using their firewalls, or you have a firewall in conjunction to your AV program, you should be able to screen malware that might come with a torrent before it infects your box.  I would think if you're running Windows One Care, as I did before Win 7 wouldn't let me, you'd be protected or the Forefront Architecture modeled "Morro" when it ships later this year as part of (or not) Win 7 when it ships to OEMs in August and  RTMs about October 15.

    I'm talking about sites like:

    I mean--isn't that why those sites exist--to read 'em and learn to protect yourself on a windows box?

  • Top News Stories Evaluating SharePoint for Larger Enterprises (Intelligent Enterprise) I recently offered

  • Is this the first reported case of a virus infection via the technical preview torrent?

  • People, WHEN is Office 2010 Beta/RC/RTM release date?

    I signed up for TPP


  • If you have AV that's competent, you would pick up the malware.  That's the whole point of having AV protection.

    References and tips on Using Office 2010 are few and far between in contrast to using Windows 7 t at this point in time.

  • If you have AV that's competent, you would pick up the malware.  That's the whole point of having AV protection.

    References and tips on Using Office 2010 are few and far between in contrast to using Windows 7 t at this point in time.

  • how about some info on what viruses/malware is embedded in these torrents and how to identify them?  sounds like a bit of fearmongering to keep people from using the bits.

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