For Microsoft Office 2010, the MSDN/TechNet site provided a special key called the "Terminal Service enablement for Office 2010", to install Microsoft Office 2010 on a Windows Server running Terminal Service:

Micorosoft Office 2013 does not require a special key for this enablement, but rather uses the same key as the one used for a standalone installation.


To install the MSDN/TechNet copy of Microsoft Office 2013 on a Windows Server running Remote Desktop, please follow these steps:

STEP ONE: From Control Panel | Programs, click on Install Application on Remote Desktop:

STEP TWO: Click Next on the Install Program From Floppy or CD-ROM:

STEP THREE: Browse to the location of the Microsoft Office 2013 setup.exe and click Next:

STEP FOUR: Once the Office setup starts, you will immediately see the following message.  Click OK to the message:

STEP FIVE: You will be presented the Enter your Product Key dialog.  Enter the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus key from the MSDN/TechNet site and click Continue:

STEP SIX: Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms:

STEP SEVEN: Choose the installation type and complete the installation:

STEP EIGHT: Click Finish on the Finish Admin Install dialog (this would be in the background during the installation of Office):

STEP NINE: Launch an Office application and choose File | Account to confirm that the product is activated: