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  • Blog Post: OData Overview and Sample

    Andy Conrad of Microsoft SQL did wonderful presentations on OData at the recent Microsoft Research ODOS workshops. Andy's presentation deck and OData sample code is in the attached. Please email if you have any comments and/or would like more information.
  • Blog Post: Big Data Requires Big Bandwidth - more demos

    I mean, big data requires big internet bandwidth to present. Started in one of our own computer labs on Microsoft campus, since ODOS2011 , we have been having great success with our ODOS presentations. Sometimes, I forgot how heavily dependent our live demos are on the internet connection. At the...
  • Blog Post: Who is not talking about big data today

    The São Paulo School of Advanced Science on e-Science for Bioenergy Research, SPSAS e-SciBioenergy , was held Oct. 22-26 th at Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory – CTBE . I was honored to be one of the invited speakers and had a marvelous time with the students and researchers...
  • Blog Post: The Aspiration of ODOS

    The ODOS here is pronounced oh-dee-oh-es, not oh-dos. If you search “Open Data for Open Science” on the internet, you will see that this phrase has been a moniker for a series of events Microsoft has produced since early 2011. You will also see that a permanent agenda item for all these...