"BI applications do not exist in isolation - they are an integral part of what Forrester calls Information Workplace, which involves many other applications such as collaboration, portals, search, office applications and others. While many BI vendors provide seamless integration with office applications like spreadsheets and word processors, www.panoramasoftware.com delivers BI integration with email and instant messaging. And what application is more widely used and more mission critical in any enterprise than email?"


To be fair, Forrester's "Information Workplace" term has probably been knocking around longer than BPI.

This is a fantastic example of why BPI is an important focus for maximizing ROI on IT. By investing in tools like BI, Search and Communications separately, organizations fail to maximize the benefit of the big picture.

Boris is quite correct, BI does not exist in isolation. I would, however, like to point out that Microsoft also provides seamless interoperability with spreadsheets, word processors, email, instant messaging, voice, presence, search, portals, collaboration, content management... we call it BPI!