You can check out the full release on our next wave of BI here:

It's great to see this kind of vision so early. And it's also incredibly timely.

If the credit crisis has taught us anything it is how a lack of knowledge and a lack of transparency can destroy confidence between a business and its investors/customers.

Our vision for pervasive BI is to enable all employees at all levels to have incredibly powerful insight at their fingertips.

But that's not all. Equally important are (from the press-release):

  • Lower TCO. Ability to utilize existing investments in SQL Server, SharePoint and Office and drive end-user adoption to dramatically bring down per-user costs and generate unprecedented economies
  • Rapid deployment and faster time-to-benefits. Easy onramp to powerful BI capabilities embedded within the everyday productivity tools employees already use, promoting wide end-user adoption
  • Freeing up IT to act as a true strategic differentiator. Empowering information workers to quickly access information and perform their own analysis with minimal hand-holding from IT enables IT staff to concentrate their efforts where they can have the most strategic value for the business.
  • Powerful synergies with other Microsoft applications. Ability to deploy the unified communications capabilities within Office Communications Server, for example, to nimbly act on BI-generated insights and “spread the wealth” with co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers