We're really excited to have the opportunity to present at this year's Microsoft WorldWide Partner Conference in Houston.

The topic of Bernard's presentation will be:

Become a “Chemical Synapse”. Use the combined proposition of BPIO and Microsoft’s Dynamics applications to better connect with Customers and their requirements.

Learn how to be a "chemical synapse" by better connecting Microsoft’s BPIO and Dynamics value propositions with your customers. Hear how Ascentium Corp. combined Microsoft's emerging Business Productivity Infrastructure category with business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM to fuel significant growth. Also hear from Microsoft campaigns teams about our FY09 strategy for communicating the Business Productivity Infrastructure story.

For those of you still guessing the "chemical synapses" metaphor, a chemical synapse is a connection between different brain cells which enable extensive neurological networks. The relationship to the session, therefore, is how BPIO enables Microsoft and it's partners to better connect with our customers and their requirements.

As you'll probably gather from the description Bernard will be presenting with Ascentium who have done a phenomenal job of delivering solutions to customers that really deliver on the end-to-end technology stack required for customers to realize business value.

We'll also have a booth to showcase the Customer Immersion Experience. This is a pilot we are rolling out across a number of subsidiaries that provides a sandbox environment that showcases the whole Microsoft Office System experience. We hope it will give customers the opportunity to really touch and feel the fantastic user-experience that Office delivers and visualize the different and exiting opportunities it might bring to their business.