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  • Blog Post: The Mathletics website - now on every Windows 8 device

    You may notice that some websites on Windows 8 ask you to open them in the desktop version of Internet Explorer, rather than the modern UI version, because they are written in Flash - even though Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 has an integrated Flash Player, avoiding the need to download and install...
  • Blog Post: Essay marking is made easy with Windows 8 app

    Lucas Moffit is an independent developer who’s focus is on writing Windows 8 apps for educators. His output is impressive, with Class Seater , Lesson Coder and Teacher Professional Standards Evaluator among his portfolio of success. But his most ambitious project, Essay Marker, has just been released...
  • Blog Post: TED Talk of the week: “Every Kid Needs a Champion”

    We’re on somewhat of a role with our TED Talks here in the education team, and this one's arguably the most captivating so far. This week’s inspiration comes from Rita Pierson , a teacher for over 40 years, who has seen all sides of education. Pierson talks in detail about the importance...