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  • Blog Post: Script: Bulk approve WSUS updates from CSV input file

    Hope this script will help someone out there! # Script # Author: Johan Vosloo # Date: 16-10-2009 # Purpose: Bulk approve updates by specifying the UpdateID, WSUS Group Name and a Computer Name (any computer that is a member of the applicable group). # Disclaimer: This script is provided as-is without...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Performance Baseline for SQL Server with System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2

    Time for a Friday night post. Microsoft PFE raise the absence of system performance baselines pretty much in every Risk Assessment Program (RAP) or Health Check . Customers do not generally create performance baselines. So, what are the typical uses for a performance baseline? Troubleshooting performance...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell Script: To Reset State Associated With Manual Reset Monitors

    This script does the following: Searches for all distinct monitored objects from all classes in the management group, then filters the list by: Health state, Current Availability and State Last Modified Timestamp Browses the monitor hierarchy (2 levels) for each in-scope monitored...