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  • Blog Post: Parallel Task Execution for ILM/FIM using PowerShell

    Last year, I wrote about how I would use VBScript to execute run profiles in ILM/FIM in parallel (mixed with some serial syncs since they don’t behave well when run in parallel). I’ve now created, with the help of a few friends and other TechNet/MSDN authors, a PowerShell script that will do the trick...
  • Blog Post: Wscript.Network

    One of my favorite objects is the Wscript.Network object. It's a very simple way to access certain environment variables in a VBScript. To invoke this object, this line must be inserted near the top of your script (certainly before you reference properties of this object): Set WshNetwork = CreateObject...
  • Blog Post: Some Easy Active Directory Scripting

    I solved a little problem for a customer the other day and I thought I'd share a little about it with you. It involves some VBScript user manipulation in Active Directory, and yes: there will be a code sample. Let's start with the problem. For whatever reason, some users were missing some home drive...