Thank you to our readers for making NextHop one of the most read blogs on TechNet. The community and engagement have been integral to the success of Lync. However, as Microsoft moves toward frequent updates across all Office products, we’ve decided to consolidate future blog posts to the Office blogs platform ( and technical content to the Lync library on TechNet. This will make it easier to find news and announcements on Office blogs and pure technical content right in the Lync library most of you frequent already. Thank you and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments on Office blogs!
-The Lync Team

Update: Some additional details that we should have included in the post:

  • The site will remain accessible for the near future. We cannot commit to a specific amount of time (but perhaps several months), so that folks can archive, copy, etc, articles that they rely on or regularly use without losing the information.
  • We will be migrating key articles to the TechNet library. We will not be moving every article published since 2007 though. When articles are published on TechNet, a redirect will be put in place so that links to the posts are not broken. Again, no promises about a flawless implementation or a specific time frame, but we did consider this and are planning to address the issue.
  • We'd appreciate hearing from you about the articles you rely on so that we can prioritize those in the migration to TechNet. Also unable to promise that every request will be honored, but any article that has gotten significant traffic is already on the list. You can send requests to NextHop, or post a comment below.

Thanks for the feedback.