Updates to the Lync Server Networking Guide

January 2014 - The .zip file has been updated on the Download Center to include updated queries and a KHI spreadsheet for Lync Server 2013.

November 2013 - We've updated some of the queries to address the issues you identified and posted a new version of the files to download. Look for the 2013 KHIs to be added soon.

An updated version of the Networking Guide is now available here: Lync Server Networking Guide v2. New sections, authored by Andrew Sniderman, Kent Tilger (Appendix D), Brandon Bernier (KHI spreadsheet and PowerShell script), and Jens Trier Rasmussen, include:

  • Appendix C: Call Quality Methodology – a practical approach
    This section covers the Lync Call Quality Methodology or CQM.  CQM is a holistic way to systematically define and assert call quality based upon the methods outlined in the Networking Guide. CQM divides a Lync implementation into ten discrete areas that impact quality, defining targets and a remediation plan for each one. CQM is a framework to tackle call quality problems – you can modify or extend it to address the particular conditions on your network.
  • Appendix D. Troubleshooting Poor Streams
    This section includes techniques to troubleshoot poor streams that CQM surfaces.

The Networking Guide download also now includes the list of Lync 2010 KHIs to validate server health and the complete set of CQM queries referenced in the guide.

Thanks for all the feedback on CQM - keep it coming!  Thanks to you we've found and fixed a few issues with the queries. Please let us know of anything else you find. We will refine the content and post an updated version to the Download Center in a couple of weeks.  If you would like to get any updates in advance, send us an email at the address listed in the documents.