Author: Greg Stemp

Technical Review: Joe Davies

Published: Sep. 16, 2013


Remember your last birthday, the one where you got the Rolex and the keys to the brand-new Lexus? Remember how you put on a brave face, smiled as best you could, and said all the right things about how this was the best birthday anyone had ever had? Oh, and remember how, the whole time, all you could think about was, “Man, what I really wanted was a Lync Server 2013 Protocols Poster”? Remember that?

Well, for better or worse, we can’t do anything about your last birthday: what’s done is done. But what we can do is give you the perfect start on your next birthday: the Lync Server 2013 Protocols Poster has been released to the Microsoft Downloads Center (, and is available to anyone who wants one.

Or two. Or even three. After all, we’re nothing if not generous.

If you aren’t familiar with the Lync Server protocols poster (first released for Lync Server 2010 -, we’d like to extend our deepest sympathies: obviously you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the past few years. The protocols poster, especially the new and improved 2013 edition, tells you practically everything you need to know about Lync Server, and then some. Among other things, the poster:

  • Provides a visual representation of common Lync Server topologies.
  • Illustrates the way messages flow between Lync Server components (and shows the network protocol and ports used by these messages to boot).
  • Shows you the DNS records that you need to configure Lync Server components.
  • Shows you the certificates that you need to assign to Lync Server components, and shows you the – well, you get the idea. Happy birthday, indeed!

If you just can’t wait, here’s a sneak peek at the cool things you’ll find on the poster:

As we noted, you can download the protocols poster from the Microsoft Downloads Center ( That link takes you to the Details page, a page that explains what the poster is, the hardware/software requirements for viewing the poster, and all that other good stuff. If you can’t be bothered with details, you can bypass that page altogether and simply download the poster in either (or both) of the following formats:

We should probably add that the Lync Server 2013 Protocols Poster is a poster; that means that it’s, well, poster-sized (24 inches by 36 inches), and was created in full, living color. You say you got a printer capable of printing laser-sharp, poster-sized images for your birthday, but you were so disappointed that you ended up selling it at a garage sale for $5? No problem: there’s also a ZoomIt version of the poster available here:

Note: If they didn’t have ZoomIt on the deserted island, ZoomIt is a nifty little web site that makes it easy to zoom in – and out – of large illustrations online. Like, say, a Lync Server 2013 Protocols Poster.

If you have questions or comments about the protocols poster please send those questions (or comments) to the Lync Server documentation mailing list: And if you really aren’t going to use that new Lexus, well, we’ll see if we can help you out there as well. It’s the least we could do: after all, it is your birthday.