This webcast series focuses on Lync Server 2010 voice-related topics. The web clinics run each month and consist of the following sessions: Flexible Dial Plans, Using SIP Trunks with Lync Server 2010, Lync Server 2010 More Than a PBX, Simple User Provisioning, and Voice Resiliency.  In each of the sessions, we apply these concepts to deployments in the real world. We discuss how to provision users in Lync Server 2010, as well as complex dial plans within a Lync Server 2010 deployment.  

The Microsoft Lync live web clinic series is intended for IT and telecommunications professionals who design and plan solutions for Unified Communications. Attendees should have experience with Telecommunications. In addition, attendees should have experience with Windows Server Active Directory, data networks, and telecommunications components that support the configuration of Lync Server 2010.  Participants should also be familiar with the design and planning solutions for Lync Server 2010 for end users, endpoint devices, telephony, audio/video and web conferences, security, and high availability.

Author: Tracy Hollinger

Publication date: April 1, 2012

Lync Server 2010, More Than a PBX    

May 4, 2012    8:30 - 9:30 am PST

This webcast showcases all the additional features that come with Lync Server 2010.

  • Response Groups
  • Location Information Services
  • E9-1-1
  • Conferencing (web and Dial-in)
  • IM and Presence

In this live webcast, we take a look at how Microsoft unified communications technologies tear down the walls that separate telecommunications and computing. And they do it with software that leverages your existing telecommunications infrastructure. Microsoft unified communications technologies are more than just VoIP. They break down all of the traditional communications silos. Voice mail and faxes move over the network like email.

Simple User Provisioning with Microsoft Lync 2010

May 4, 2012    10:00 - 11:00 am PST 

In this webcast, a live presenter will show you how easy it is to deploy and use Lync 2010 client. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Provision an account for Lync Server 2010
  • Deploy the Lync 2010 client E9-1-1
  • Login and begin using its features

As part of this live webcast, we will introduce the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Management Shell, a new method of administration and management. The Lync Server 2010 Management Shell is a powerful management interface built on the Windows PowerShell command-line interface, which includes a comprehensive set of cmdlets that are specific to Lync Server 2010. We take a look at various commands and how to perform management tasks by using the Lync Server 2010 Management Shell.

Voice Resiliency with Lync Server 2010

May 4, 2012    11:30 - 12:30 pm PST 

In this webcast, a live presenter explains and demonstrates the voice resiliency features of Lync Server 2010.

  • Voice resiliency between pools
  • Voice resiliency between branch offices

In this live webcast, we explore the new high availability and resiliency offerings from Microsoft Lync Server 2010. These offerings include branch office resiliency, data center resiliency, intrasite high availability architecture, and capabilities for instant messaging, conferencing, and voice workloads.

Flexible Dial Plans with Lync Server 2010

May 4, 2012    1:30 - 2:30 pm PST

In this live webcast we look at dial plans in relation to Lync Server. A dial plan is a set of translation rules. These rules direct certain phone numbers, and extensions, to specific locations, users or contact outlets. They're used for handling phone authorization and call routing. Dial Plans are a big part of the Enterprise Voice Server Role's configuration.

Using SIP Trunks with Lync Server 2010

May 4, 2012    3:00 - 4:00 pm PST

In this webcast, a live presenter will show that by using SIP trunks with Microsoft Lync Server 2010, you can save money and provide flexible capacity beyond your wildest dreams. In this webcast we will look at Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010, enabling secure business-class unified communications that can be deployed as a cost effective alternative to the PBX. Organizations looking to extend unified communications beyond the office environment can use SIP Trunking and business quality VoIP product. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is built from the ground up to be a single platform that can enhance, extend, and even replace traditional and IP PBX systems.

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