Most hosted meetings have fewer than 250 participants, but what if you need to host larger meetings? The published maximum size of a conference hosted on Microsoft Lync Server 2010 in a shared pool (a pool that hosts all Microsoft Unified Communications workloads including IM/Presence, Conferencing, and Enterprise Voice) is 250 users. However, Microsoft Lync Server can support meetings with up to 1000 participants using Lync Server Audio/Video Conferencing service, which includes sharing PowerPoint presentations. Support for these large meetings requires a dedicated Lync Server 2010 pool configured to support large meetings. The pool must be managed in a way that ensures hosting of only one large meeting at a time. For additional information about scalability considerations and implementation requirements for a dedicated pool for large meetings, including topology, hardware, software, and configuration requirements, as well as best practice recommendations for supporting large meetings, see the white paper: Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Support for Large Meetings in the Microsoft Download Center.

Note: This information applies only to Lync Server 2010 on-premises meetings.

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