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The DrRez and Lync PowerShell blogs are now retired, and we migrated their awesome content to NextHop. No worries, all your favorite articles from these two ground-breaking blogs are now available here. And DrRez on FaceBook and Twitter will continue his stellar work as the Voice for NextHop on those social media channels. Thanks for your support!

  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition Disaster Recovery Plan, Part 1

    This two-part article outlines a step-by-step disaster recovery process for a single Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition Front End Server. In Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition Disaster Recovery Plan, Part 1 , we discuss how to prepare...
  • Automatic Uninstall of Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client and Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook

    When customers transition from Office Live Meeting 2007 to Microsoft Lync, it is necessary to uninstall the Live Meeting 2007 client and associated Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook. This article provides IT Pros with guidance and the command...
  • Lync Protocols and Ports for Windows Phone 7 Application

    The Lync Protocols and Ports app is now available for download from Windows Phone 7 Marketplace . This mobile application helps engineers, IT professionals, and field consultants configure the 15 most common communication points in a Lync environment...
  • Haiku #191

    The haiku writer got up on the wrong side of the traffic jam this morning. But that didn't stop him from expounding on the virtues of the CsClientPolicy cmdlets. Still, it's probably a good thing this haiku was written on a Friday.

  • Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Migration Strategy White Paper

    The Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Migration Strategy white paper is now available from the Microsoft Download Center . This white paper outlines a migration strategy for migrating from Live Communications...
  • Lync Server 2010 Documentation Update: September 2011

    Today the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 documentation team released an update to the technical library, which includes updates to existing topics in Supportability, Planning, Migration, and Lync Server Management Shell cmdlets for Windows PowerShell. ...
  • Procedures for Performing a Disaster Recovery Failover in Lync Server 2010, Group Chat

    If you use Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Group Chat for mission-critical business purposes, as many customers do, you must ensure that your organization can maintain Lync Server 2010, Group Chat communications even when an entire site, including the Microsoft...
  • Video Interoperability White Paper

    The Video Interoperability white paper is now available in the Microsoft Download Center . Microsoft has enhanced the video interoperability story in Microsoft Lync by introducing a set of qualification programs and room-based systems optimized for Lync...
  • Haiku #183

    In case you're wondering, the author of this haiku did not attempt to ride up the 9400 foot mountain. He did, however, run the Lync Server CsDatabase commands.

  • Haiku #194

    An era comes to an end. And what better way to end than with CsCertificate cmdlets.

  • Haiku #182

    It looks like the writers of this haiku should be taking even more vacation. But in the meantime, here's a haiku (and article) about the Lync Server CsStaticRoutingConfiguration cmdlets.

  • Haiku #190

    Today's haiku is a commentary on professional baseball. There's also something in there about Lync Server PowerShell cmdlets and Response Groups. If you have feedback on Response Groups or Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, we'd love to hear it.

  • Haiku #189

    It's not witchcraft, it's just Lync Server trusted applications. No magic involved.

  • Haiku #184

    At Microsoft we spend a lot of time talking about herding cats. It turns out that border collies must be a lot smarter than Microsoft employees, because they herd sheep, which makes much more sense than herding cats. On the other hand, border collies don't know a lot about managing audio conferencing providers with Lync Server, whereas Microsoft employees...wait, never mind.