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The DrRez and Lync PowerShell blogs are now retired, and we migrated their awesome content to NextHop. No worries, all your favorite articles from these two ground-breaking blogs are now available here. And DrRez on FaceBook and Twitter will continue his stellar work as the Voice for NextHop on those social media channels. Thanks for your support!

  • Haiku #181

    The sun is always shining somewhere. Today it's shining on the CsAllowedDomain cmdlets. Of course, the sun is always shining on the Lync Server cmdlets.

  • Continue an Instant Messaging Conversation

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone and later thought “Oh, I should have said this,” or “I wish I’d said that”? (True, sometimes you say “I wish I hadn’t said that,” but that’s another story...
  • Haiku #180

    Today we'll all learn a little -- a very little -- something about media bypass. Like how the New-CsNetworkMediaBypassConfiguration cmdlet works.

  • Haiku #179

    Take some time today to reflect on the greatest achievements of your life. At least one of them should be running the Lync Server CsComputer cmdlets.

  • Haiku #178

    How long is a two-day work week? We suppose that depends on what you're working on. But when you're writing about Lync Server cmdlets, especially the CsProxyConfiguration cmdlets, well, time just flies. Along the back of an emu.

  • Haiku #177

    What do Lync Server conferencing cmdlets have to do with Arches National Park in Moab, Utah? Nothing, but that didn't stop us from putting both in the same article.

  • Haiku #176

    Time for a short vacation again. Yes, it's a vacation-within-a-vacation. Is there a better kind? But first, a few words about the Set-CsWebServer cmdlet. And don't worry, we'll be back on Thursday next week. We've been assured you'll all be able to get along without your daily haiku for a few days just fine.

  • Haiku #175

    Looking for some trivia on the state of Utah? What better place to find it than in a Lync Server PowerShell haiku? Looking for some information on Lync Server conferencing policies? What a coincidence, this haiku actually has that, too.

  • Haiku #174

    This is part 2 in our two-part haiku on simple URLs. Okay, it's not really a two-part haiku. There are two parts to the simple URL story, with one haiku per part. So consider this a bonus haiku. Or not.

  • Haiku #173

    Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. But before you figure out what that is, stop and read this haiku about the New-CsSimpleUrlEntry cmdlet.

  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit: External User Access

    Microsoft Lync Server 2010 communications software allows users to connect to each other remotely. This chapter describes the most common remote access scenarios, and then provides detailed call flow diagrams, traces, and related ms-diagnostics codes...
  • Haiku #172

    Neither rain nor lightning nor gusting winds will keep us from explaining voice normalization rules.

  • Haiku #171

    You don't need to be tall to use the Response Group cmdlets, but some 14-foot stilts might help. It couldn't hurt to try, could it? Oh, well, true, maybe it could. We recommend trying it without the stilts first.

  • Conferencing Policy Settings: MaxMeetingSize

    This article is part of the series An In-Depth Guide to Conferencing Policy Settings . Parameter/Property Name Allowed Values MaxMeetingSize This is a per-organizer setting. Any integer value...