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  • Blog Post: Skype for Windows 8

      There are great new apps arriving every day in to the Windows Store but few have been anticipated as much as Skype. Though the app will not be available until October 26th, the team showed today just how beautiful it is. In a post on the Skype Big Blog Mark Gillett shares what...
  • Blog Post: Nextgen Reader hits the Windows Store

    One of the first apps I looked for when I started playing with Windows 8 was a feed reader app – something that could pull all my RSS feeds in from Google Reader and display them in a manner that would suit a tablet style device. I’ve tried a few but when Next Gen Reader landed in my lap...
  • Blog Post: The Surface movement

  • Blog Post: The Microtropolis is coming to New York City

      Come experience Windows 8 and Surface through the eyes of notable New Yorkers - The Microtropolis . Read more on Kristina Libby's post on the Windows blog . Oct 26-Nov 3 Hudson River Park's Pier 57 Public walk-in hours Oct 27: 12pm-6pm Nov 1–3: 10am-6pm
  • Blog Post: The Internet of Baseball

    I’ve talked a lot about the internet of things and how connected devices are popping up everyplace you look, many powered by Windows Embedded . Microsoft News Center has a great story about devices in the most unlikely of places . Tweet
  • Blog Post: The Windows 8 ads are here

    My man Brandon has all the details and notes that “this is just a sample of the Windows 8 stories and experiences you’ll see come to life in this campaign”. Oh, and if you’re in NYC this week, get to Times Square where Windows 8 will be featured on over 39 digital boards in the...
  • Blog Post: 4th & Square on Windows 8

    I’ve been waiting for a FourSquare app on Windows 8 to join the splendid 4th and Mayor on Windows Phone and now it’s here – in the form of 4th & Square from Microsoft's Brandon Paddock . The app does everything you’d expect and has some great features that take advantage of...
  • Blog Post: The Big Picture on Windows 8

    The Big Picture from is one of my favorite websites as it regularly delivers stunning photography from around the world. You can now browse that photography courtesy of a slick Windows 8 application that is in the Windows Store now – for free. The app works beautifully on my Windows...
  • Blog Post: Amazon app for Windows 8

    Just in time for my holiday shopping the Amazon app has arrived in the Windows Store . It’s a pretty clean, elegant app that enables you to quickly make purchases, search, compare prices, read reviews, and share products. Though there is a search box right at the top of the app, it also...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8

    This afternoon at the D9 conference , Steven Sinofsky talked publicly about Windows 8 for the first time and was followed with a demo from Julie Larson Green. Without a live video feed, I sat and “watched” the show via Twitter as a cast of hundreds (it seems) live tweeted the even giving...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8: May The Birds Be With You..

    A fun ad to end the week with.
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 cover photo creator for Facebook

    I’m digging this new Facebook cover photo creator . It’s a new Facebook app from the Windows team that connects to your social stream to create a new Cover Photo. It’s fast and easy and has a degree of customization so you can pick and choose which photos and apps appear in certain...
  • Blog Post: Meet Windows 8

    It seems appropriate to end the week with this Windows 8 video. If you haven’t had chance to try out the Consumer Preview , why not spend the weekend joining the million who already have? Tweet
  • Blog Post: Windows 8: The World is Ready

    The world welcomes Windows 8 .
  • Blog Post: Netflix on Windows 8

    I was just thinking this morning, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Netflix app on my Windows 8 tablet…and my Windows 8 PC at work. Lo and behold, the official Netflix app just landed in the Windows Store. And from a quick first play, it looks sweet, fast and of course, fluid. If...
  • Blog Post: Next at Microsoft – Windows 8 app launched

    I’m excited to announce the availability of the Next at Microsoft app in the Windows Store . From day one on Next (over 2 years ago) my intention has been to bring you stories from across Microsoft and get behind the scenes of trends such as Natural User Interface and Big Data as well as profile...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Consumer Preview: available for download

    Need I say more…consumer preview is available for download now . Get all the details from the Building Windows 8 blog and if you're getting started with it, be sure to read the Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview post . Tweet
  • Blog Post: Nokia Copter takes flight

    Kraków looks beautiful in this video and when you realize it’s all shot on Nokia Lumia 1020 you get a sense of how amazing the camera – and the optical image stabilization – is on the phone. I’m looking forward to more from Nokia Copter .
  • Blog Post: Video: Nokia Shows off the Lumia 2520

    Nokia shows off the utility and flexibility of the Lumia 2520, which has been getting rave reviews for its design and the brilliance and accuracy of its 10.1" display.
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Release Preview now available

    Need I say more? Head to to grab the bits and to the Building Windows 8 blog and Microsoft News Center for more details. Tweet
  • Blog Post: Behind the scenes of Fresh Paint on Windows 8

      A few weeks ago I got the chance to chat with Ira Snyder, General Manager of Fresh Paint . If you've not yet had the chance to try Fresh Paint, the new painting app for Windows 8, it’s available for free in the Windows Store and has over a 4 star rating...
  • Blog Post: Gravilux app for Windows 8: A complimentary moment of cosmic calm

    Microsoft News Center’s current App of the Week is Gravilux , a touch-based interactive art app for Windows 8 that lets you move and shape a serene starfield with your fingertips. Originally created as an installation for museums and galleries, it’s an elegant little dose of art and science...
  • Blog Post: Surface street art

    I do like a good bit of street art. Surface .
  • Blog Post: Windows Everywhere

      Diggin’ this new ad all about Windows.
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