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  • Blog Post: Why architects love Surface Pro

    I’m something of a closet architecture fan and though my drawing skills are similar to those of a four year old, I’ve learned to appreciate the practice and the craft of building buildings. I’ve also seen the profession change dramatically over the last twenty years – fueled by...
  • Blog Post: The Making of the Design of Surface

      I’ve been spending the weekend getting used to my new 64gb Surface with Windows RT and I’m loving it (as you would expect). I’ll have a more detailed review coming in a few days so for now, another video from the team.
  • Blog Post: Surface website gets an update

    It looks like the Surface site had a big update in the last day or so – at least since I last looked. The learn more section details the specs, materials, display tech and more. Optical bonding, 22 degree kick stand, device walls that measure just 0.65mm, a Touch Cover that’s just 3mm thin...
  • Blog Post: Learn more about Surface

    What can you do with Surface? A lot…create stuff, consume stuff, connect with people…at the same time.
  • Blog Post: Surface street art

    I do like a good bit of street art. Surface .
  • Blog Post: Drop testing a Surface from a moving vehicle

    You may have seen the drop test that the Surface team performed recently with a group of press in the labs here in Redmond. Well, a friend of mine just did a drop test of his own from a moving vehicle (unintentionally I may add). Kurt Shintaku is a pre-sales tech guy based in Los Angeles and when...
  • Blog Post: On the road with Surface 2

    It’s been a busy few weeks of travel for me and one device has been by my side all of that time – Surface 2 . It’s drawn some admiring glances and rightly so – the new color attracts attention, the two stage kickstand, the speed and the weight. Oh and that beautiful HD screen...
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates on Surface

    This is the moment last week when I got to sit down and chat with Bill Gates about Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, NUI and Surface - a tiny room and a quick shoot. Bill was on great form, explaining that he got one of the first Surface units off the production line and revealing that he has the black keyboard...
  • Blog Post: A whole new Surface

    This morning I got to hang out at the Surface launch event in New York City and see all of the new hardware first hand. As an industrial design fan, I couldn’t put the Surface 2 down – it’s a thing of beauty, expertly crafted as shown in the video above. The other thing that caught...
  • Blog Post: 2013: The Year of the “Alchemic Cloud”

    This is a guest post from Stefan Weitz , Director of Search at Microsoft Those who follow my many digital personas know I travel – a lot. That has many implications on my life, like how much stuff I want to lug around. Being constantly on the go means the time I have to actually live my life...
  • Blog Post: Art Center dreams of new Surface blades

    A few weeks following the Surface unveil in New York ago a short video was posted showing students at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena wondering what Surface ‘blades’ could become. Blades is the codename for new accessories that can be connected to a Surface. The Surface Remix Project...
  • Blog Post: The Making of Touch Cover for Surface

    A few days without a Surface video. I knew it couldn’t last. The team is back with a look at how the Touch Cover was made.
  • Blog Post: Exclusive video: Bill Gates on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface

    I often tell people I’ve got one of the best jobs at Microsoft; I get the opportunity to meet and talk with the people here who brew the special sauce that is Microsoft. Last week I got to meet and talk with the guy who first created the sauce. Following a Microsoft event to celebrate 30 years...
  • Blog Post: Surface is here

    A product that looks like it’s from the future is here now…. Surface .
  • Blog Post: Surface with Windows RT Drop Test

    The latest video from the Surface team sees Panos Panay drop test the device from 30" onto hardwood floor…I'm not planning to do this with my device next week but good to know it'll survive if I do.
  • Blog Post: Some questions, and answers, about Surface

    One of my favorite people to chat with at Microsoft is Steven Bathiche. I’ve written about “ StevieB ” and his work on this blog many times before and whenever I meet with him, I’m guaranteed to walk away smarter. He knows a lot about a lot and has a way of explaining complex...
  • Blog Post: Times Square becomes Tiles Square

    Okay…now I wish I was in New York. The Windows launch took over the screens in the square, lines formed at our store in the same location and when the curtain dropped to open the store it was mobbed with customers eager to see and buy Surface and Windows 8. The photos below, culled from folks...
  • Blog Post: Some videos I like

    Surface now has a Facebook page and Twitter account – and you can download the music from this ad, SRFC in C Minor . …and the countdown is on to Windows 8 .
  • Blog Post: The Surface movement

  • Blog Post: Video: Witness Surface 2’s impressive display

    Stevie Bathiche describes the numerous improvements that went into Surface 2 ’s stunning 10.6 inch, 16:9 display in a new video on the Surface Blog . Watch the video above, then pop in at a Microsoft retail store to see one in action.
  • Blog Post: The Making of Microsoft Surface

    Another day, another Surface video. Oh and as of 9am PST today you can pre-order Surface .
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #12

    What, you expected something else after a week of Surface ?
  • Blog Post: Exclusive: talking Surface with Microsoft’s Panos Panay

    Earlier today I had the chance to grab a few minutes with Panos Panay, Vice President of Surface here at Microsoft. He’s always fun to chat with and even offered up a secret about Surface – at the expense of our mutual friend Stevie Bathiche … Enjoy!
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