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  • Blog Post: Nokia’s Arc of Wonder

    When Nokia released the Lumia 1020, with its 41 mp sensor and image stabilization, photographers stood up and took notice of its potential to capture some pretty amazing imagery. Among those was Paul Trillo, a New York City-based director and film maker who has since taken a liking to the 1020. Above...
  • Blog Post: Bing’s collaborative Na Área project helps visitors discover more of Brazil’s favelas – and gives locals a digital boost

    As visitors from around the world descend on Brazil for the world’s premier soccer tournament, they will be able to find more tourist attractions, landmarks, hotels and other points of interest, thanks to Bing’s Na Área , a project to bring communities in that country’s favelas...
  • Blog Post: Introducing /snaps

    A few weeks ago, the Microsoft Stories team noticed something. With every amazing person we meet, and every epic moment we cover, our family photo album gets a little thicker. In fact, it’s pretty much bursting at the seams. So we’ve created a new place where we can share our favorite photos...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #15

    My weekend reading from Conde Nast showed up - not sure when I’m going to get to it but love the Windows 8 themed covers. Hearst and Time Inc. are doing similar with their publications this month.
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #6

    The new Microsoft logo meets an old friend. Click to refocus, double click to zoom Share Tweet
  • Blog Post: Nokia Transitions

    Nokia has been doing some epic stuff to highlight the capability of their Windows Phone range – most notably the Lumia 1020. It’s my daily use phone and the camera really is incredible, even more so when put in the right hands, but even amateurs like me can come up with impressive point and...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #2

    [click for hi res] Product Fair is an annual event for Microsoft employees to explore all of the product teams (and more) in the company. It takes places smack in the middle of our campus on the soccer field and saw over 16,000 visitors this year. Oh and the Seattle weather played nice too! Tweet
  • Blog Post: 500px photography now featured on Bing

    Bing and social photo site 500px are both known for arrestingly beautiful photography. So it’s only natural that they’ve teamed up to showcase world-class photography by bringing select images from 500px’s community of mind-blowingly talented photographers to the Bing experience. ...
  • Blog Post: The Lumia 1020: changing my perceptions

    Last week while in Finland, I had the chance to sit down with some of the engineers behind the imaging technology in Nokia phones. It was fascinating to hear what drives the team who helps ship millions of cameras – more on that meeting in a future post. As I sat there looking at my Lumia 1020...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #5

    Okay, technically this isn’t a photo from “around Microsoft” but it’s too good to pass up. I originally did have a photograph taken on campus to share but when I saw today I had to share this instead. It’s a stunning waterfront shot of my hometown, Liverpool . ...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #13

    The office I work in here in Redmond is now full of ads including Windows 8 and Surface with our new branding (well, the brand team are in the building). This is one of my favorites, not least as the tangerine is the color I may get a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga in!
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #17

    This week’s photograph comes from Bloomingdales in New York – where Microsoft met Fashion Week . The image is the bodice of the amazing printing dress – an exploration in to fashion and technology that combines a dress made from paper with a keyboard and projection system that displays...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #9

    You are the controller. Alex Kipman , one of the inventors of Kinect…and an Xbox controller. I just like the juxtaposition. Share Tweet
  • Blog Post: One Shot on World Photography Day

    Today is World Photography Day – a day to celebrate photography, which is certainly what I have been doing of late with my Nokia Lumia 1020. And most recently with a new application called One Shot . What I love about this app are the real-time filter effects you can apply when taking a photo...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #8

    [click for full size version] Halo Spartans – printed on one of 3 humungous 3D printers in the hardware model shop at Microsoft HQ. Share Tweet
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #18

    I spent some time in Building 4 on Microsoft’s main campus last week – this shot is taken from the 2nd floor staircase, overlooking a giant piece of art off to the right and the living wall that sits alongside the stairs. The building underwent a full scale renovation a little over a year...
  • Blog Post: Best of Bing at the Olympics

    For the last few weeks I’ve had my Bing settings changed from the US homepage to UK . Given my British roots, it’s given me a chance to see the daily Bing image from a UK perspective and during the Olympic Games, the images were pretty inspiring. The US homepage had some great images too...
  • Blog Post: Aviary brings their photo editing platform

    I’m a fan of Aviary so it was great to see them launch their Photo Editor SDK for Windows 8 last week. I dig the idea of ‘photo editing as a service’ that they provide. They have awesome photo editing skills allowing other such as Rowi and Memorylage to tap in to that capability and...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #1

    This is a new series of posts I’m kicking off today. I often take photographs of unusual or inspiring things I see around Microsoft’s Redmond campus so will be posting one each week to the blog. However, this first photo isn’t from Microsoft HQ, it’s from our Worldwide Partner...
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #3

    The fuel of Microsoft. Tweet
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #10

    Spotted on Microsoft’s main campus last week – needless to say despite the poor parking, there was no parking ticket. For the uninitiated . Share Tweet
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #12

    Windows 8 & Surface VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL It seems appropriate to have a collection of photos for our “photograph” of the week
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #7

    A shot taken in Studio B on Microsoft’s main campus showing a wall of Microsoft hardware images. Note the Arc keyboard set out with knife and fork :) Share Tweet
  • Blog Post: Photographs around Microsoft #4

    [click for full size version] It’s a slow few weeks in the tech world and a few weeks away from the PC for me so expect things to be less busy here in NEXT until the end of August. I will be keeping up with the Photograph’s around Microsoft though as well as posting about some interesting...
  • Blog Post: Lomogram for Windows Phone 8

    This is a guest post by Ben Rudolph , a.k.a. Ben the PC Guy. Aside from the usual work-related stuff like email, texting and Twitter, the number one thing I do on my phone (today it’s a yellow Lumia 920 ) is take photos. Photos on the Lumia 920 look amazing – even the ones taken in less...
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