Exclusive video: Bill Gates on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface

Exclusive video: Bill Gates on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface

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I often tell people I’ve got one of the best jobs at Microsoft; I get the opportunity to meet and talk with the people here who brew the special sauce that is Microsoft. Last week I got to meet and talk with the guy who first created the sauce.

Following a Microsoft event to celebrate 30 years of our Giving campaign, I sat down to chat with Bill Gates for a few minutes.  We talked about the significance of this week’s launch of Windows 8, about Windows Phone 8 and Surface. I ordered my Surface last week; Bill already has his and he’s pretty excited about it, as you‘ll see.  His keyboard’s a different color than mine, though…

Hit play and enjoy!

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  • <p>bill gates, you rock. &nbsp;:D </p> <p>wish you&#39;d come back to microsoft, but the world needs you more. &nbsp;</p>

  • <p>great guy!</p>

  • <p>The windows 8 is just what the MacOS is today, all the products linked to a big system.</p>

  • <p>Oh man, bill looks old :( still coolest person in my book!</p>

  • <p>He called Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 phone. &nbsp;I so prefer that name and wish they&#39;d change it.</p>

  • <p>The surface sure sounds pretty exciting, can&#39;t wait to pick up mine. </p> <p>Its nice to see Bill all strong n hearty. Lol..</p>

  • <p>Having Bill&#39;s autograph is one of my dreams. It seems I have to hurry up.</p>

  • <p>now datzz really an ipad killer.!! go windwzz..go!! :D</p>

  • <p>His vision is amazing - years ahead of the industry and the competition. Not many people know that Microsoft had the first &quot;Tablet PC&quot; with pen input and handwriting recognition years ago. Surface is going to be a MASSIVE success! Can&#39;t wait to get my hands on it!</p>

  • <p>I have been around Microsoft software since Windows 3.51 as a hobbyist and Windows NT 4.0 as an IT professional, where I have grown to love to hear Bill Gates speak about each new version of windows. this time was no different: &nbsp;I almost jumped out of my seat when I got to watch the visionary of modern home and office computing Bill Gates share his excitement for Windows 8 and Surface .</p>

  • <p>His vision is amazing</p>

  • <p>Bill looks great, and Windows 8/Phone/RT and the Surface are the best things on the market(including the great touchscreened laptops/ultrabooks from the OEMs). Windows will be on everything with touchscreen and hardly has any competition.</p>

  • <p>Fantastic. Thank you!</p>

  • <p>Windows 8 rock.. with boot level anti-virus and rootkit i am sure my PC is safe... Love it..</p>

  • <p>Microsoft ha rediseñado hasta su logo tipo dispuesta a desprenderse de su historia de éxitos empañada por su mala calidad apostando su cambio radical a windows 8 y windows phone 8.</p>