A tour of the Microsoft Home

A tour of the Microsoft Home

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For many years I had heard of the Microsoft Home and wondered what it’d be like inside – having only seen scant glimpses in press shots. I’d also been quite curious about what it’s like from outside – assuming it would be on a suburban street somewhere in Redmond and perhaps like a show home or even like a home from a TV show I used to watch called from Brookside.

9 months in to my role here in Redmond and I have now spent enough time in the Microsoft Home to claim residence. I can confirm that the fridge does have drinks in (nonalcoholic, despite repeated requests) and that the Home can be controlled using spoken commands addressed to a fictitious woman named Grace, an homage to the late Grace Hopper.

My residency recently afforded me the opportunity to tour around the home with Flora Goldthwaite from our Strategic Prototyping Team and the chaps from Channel 9 were on hand to capture it on video.  You’ll see the theme on NUI come up numerous times and my personal favorite demo is the first TV screen we see which shows the potential for a world that is clickable.

Bear in mind that everything you see in the video is prototype – some of the capabilities are available today in a few homes, some are a way off and some are really just dreams for inspiration.

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  • <p>why on earth is this presented by my grandma and not by some cool, hip young girl or boy? grandma can only sell to another grandma, and no kid is ever gonna by stuff from an elderly lady. they don&#39;t care how smart, experienced or educated she might be. microsoft, oh microsoft, get a grip with the rest of technology world, or stay exactly where you are. this makes mac vs pc commercials so true :(</p>

  • <p>They use a old lady to show how easy it is to use and Because young hip girls cant speak english properly or maintain eye contact. Nor can they program or understand complex issues. Kids do not buy stuff, their parents buy stuff</p>

  • <p>Looking forward for the rest of the videos.</p>

  • <p>Flora ... what a cool job! Very nice ...</p>

  • <p>I&#39;m inspired by the interfaces displayed here. &nbsp;Very smooth and intuitive. &nbsp;Content is very well presented.</p>

  • <p>thanks @Roenik </p>

  • <p>hey pradeep - 1 or two more videos to come and plenty more photos and synths too :)</p>

  • <p>I have to agree that the presenter is out of context and there are young and energetic people who can &quot;keep eye contact&quot; and speak English while relating to the right age group. I must agree with the previous remark MAC vs. MS.</p>

  • <p>I don&#39;t Apple coming even close to this kind of tech.</p>