• Augmented Reality – coming soon to a contact lens near you

    There are still many hurdles to be hurdled before we have Terminator style contact lenses but the University of Washington is making impressive progress. Me, I'm imagining this hooked up to realtime facial recognition for a world of augmented reality.

  • The & in Microsoft R&D

    Today is the first day of Microsoft Research TechFest here at our Redmond HQ - it's my first time at the event and I thought it would be worthwhile to explore what technology transfer means and why TechFest is a vital part of the process that delivers products like Kinect. 

  • Microsoft Research TechFest in 131 seconds

    The video doesn’t really do TechFest justice in that there is so much more to see than can be captured in a little over 2 minutes – in fact if you want to see more of the actual demos, check out other posts this week on the blog. For a snapshot of what TechFest is all about though, this is a great little video.

  • Microsoft demos face recognition in video

    We're moving ever closer to a world that is clickable. This week at Microsoft Research TechFest, we saw a demo of face recognition in video. Using this tech, in the near future, a television or an Xbox will be able to recognize people in the living room, home video will be annotated automatically and become searchable, and TV viewers will be able to get information about an unfamiliar actor, athlete, or singer just by pointing to the person on the screen

  • Bing chief: it’s time to reorganize the web

    Microsoft's head search guy, Qi Lu, delivered a punchy speech this week at Imagine 2011 with a call to arms - it's time to reorganize the web.