• Tools of the trade: Lindsey Kujawski, Microsoft fashionista

    Lindsey Kujawski is the latest Softie to come in to focus in our Tools of the Trade seroes. With an industrial design background, Lindsey is a keen watcher of trends in fashion, interior design and macro-social trends. All of this helps influence her work in creating harwdare products that fit with people’s image - whether that’s their look or in their living room.

  • Machine learning for dummies

    Why is that dude holding Oscar from Sesame Street? Well it turns out you don't get a real Oscar if you win a Technical Achievement Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - so John Platt's friend gave him the Sesame Street character in its place. I went to talk to John about Machine Learning and found out a whole lot more. 

  • Microsoft Research’s video search hits the DOE

    Imagine being able to search through a video, TV show or movie for particular phrases or words. Sounds good...now how about being able to jump to the precise point where that word occurs? That's what MAVIS from Microsoft Research enables and the US Department of Energy just announced they're using it. I wish I'd had it for Super Bowl Sunday! 


  • Tools of the trade: Scott Saponas, Microsoft Research

    Scott Saponas of Microsoft Research explores the world of "off-desktop interfaces" including Physiological Computing and Natural User Interfaces. A perfect candidate for our Tools of the Trade series then...

  • What did we learn today about the future of search?

    Today's Farsight 2011 event titled Beyond the Search Box didn't turn out quite as planned - a wee story at the beginning of the day put the cat amongst the pigeons - but eventually we did get to talk about the future of search. Read on for a snapshot recap and then a full rundown of the days events and key moments.