• The Internet of things

    The Internet of Things is potentially an entry on buzzword bingo - but I'm prepared to give it a chance as it could help us get to the point of technology being ambiently intelligent. Read on to decide for yourself if this is just one big game of words....or a tech revolution in the making.  

  • Design on Windows Phone 7

    Designspiration is a new app for Windows Phone 7 that brings together some of the finest design apps from across the web in to a single WP7 app. 

  • SFTW #3

    Elephant in the room (with Sonic). 

  • Coding4Fun arrives on Channel 9

    The Channel 9 team kicked off a new section of their site this week called Coding4Fun - it houses downloads, videos and sample code for all manner of projects from building a Windows Phone 7 app to building a rocket that can fire t-shirts in to a crowd. Seriously. 

  • Surface videos, Kinect videos and more

    Microsoft Surface has seen a lot of buzz since the announcement of the 2.0 version of the technology at CES. That hasn't stopped a lot of cool stuff going on with the current version of the product and catching up with Eric Havir from the Surface blog team was a timely reminder. He also showed me some cool demos he's worked on for 2.0 that we'll have here on Next as soon as possible.