• Haptics: That Special Touch

    Force feedback systems and haptics have been around for a while...the Arc Touch Mouse got me thinking about what's next for this technology. When you take a look around at some of the explorations with haptics it's clear that we're only at the beginning of what this tech can do for us. 

  • Can technology be heirlooms?

    Heirlooms are usually things like jewelry or family treasures but Richard Banks of Microsoft Research in Cambridge is exploring how technology can act as heirlooms. Should we be capturing our fleeting moments to hand down to our families or even historians? That's what Richard and a team in Cambridge are exploring. 

  • Microsoft Research– free holiday booty

    Microsoft Research makes a ton of free stuff available to download - here are some of my favorites to keep you busy during the lean period up to the New Year!

  • Microsoft’s Montage goes in public beta

    Creating a dynamic, social web page just got a lot easier - FUSE Labs announced the public beta of Project Montage today. 

  • Microsoft’s Project Emporia–mining the web so you don’t have to

    Last night the FUSE Labs the team showed the latest version of Project Emporia at the NIPS conference in Vancouver. Emporia is a personalized news services using a range of MSR technology to mine 1,000,000 articles every day and provide you with a personalized news feed.