• Microsoft Research– free holiday booty

    Microsoft Research makes a ton of free stuff available to download - here are some of my favorites to keep you busy during the lean period up to the New Year!

  • Welcome to Next at Microsoft

    Next at Microsoft - it's a new place for stories about Microsoft. Stories about people, places, products, trends in technology as well as stories from outside Microsoft about how our products and technology are being used. Think of it as a "director's cut" of Microsoft. 

  • Microsoft’s Montage goes in public beta

    Creating a dynamic, social web page just got a lot easier - FUSE Labs announced the public beta of Project Montage today. 

  • Confession: I bought Kinectimals


    Few demos make me walk right out and buy the product. Kinectimals was one...it shows how the lines between the physical and virtual worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. If you ever wanted to have a pet tiger chase a cuddly toy around your house, now you can.


  • Microsoft Lync bulbs

    Take Microsoft Lync, a micro controller, 36 holidays lights and you have the makings of an interesting presence notification system. Our man Andrej Kyselica decided to hook the whole thing up and now has the world's first holiday lights presence indicator. I have 100 holiday lights sat at home just waiting for this.