• Microsoft Research– free holiday booty

    Microsoft Research makes a ton of free stuff available to download - here are some of my favorites to keep you busy during the lean period up to the New Year!

  • Stop playing Kinect games

    Did you get a Kinect for Christmas? Okay, the games a great and I challenge you to beat my 51 goals on Kinect Sports soccer in target practice mode - but you really ought to check out Video Kinect. Tucked away in the Kinect dashboard is the gateway to armchair video conversations with your family. Mince pies not included. 

  • Using facial recognition to tag 57 billion photos

    Facebook recently added facial recognition technology to their service which could win an award for the biggest timesaver of the year feature given more than 100 million tags are added to photos each day on Facebook.The full details are explained in a...
  • Microsoft Factory Tour– the prototyping shop

    Part 3 in the series of tours around places in Microsoft Research takes us to the prototyping shop. Our researchers often want to build gadgets and widgets to test out their ideas and instead of farming out the work and waiting days for results, they can wander down to the ground floor of Building 99 and have their ideas tooled up on lathes, 3D printers and all manner of other equipment that would put my school woodworking shop to shame. 

  • Time to step away from the computer?

    It sounds like heresy but with the holiday season upon us, is it time to rethink your relationship with technology? Is technology making us more or less human? A post by Nick Bilton of the New York Times got me thinking....