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  • Blog Post: Making Sound Decisions in Health

    In past blogs, I have frequently discussed the need for the consumer to be a more active participant in the health ecosystem. I passionately believe the citizen/consumer has to be accountable for their many personal health decisions – such as lifestyle, smoking, nutrition, activity levels and the...
  • Blog Post: Liberate the Data Part II – Perspectives from Eclipsys and Microsoft

    It was just about a year ago at last year’s HIMSS that I posted about the need to “ liberate the data ” within health IT systems – separating data from applications and making it available for reuse in different contexts. What I said then holds true now. For health enterprises and consumers, health data...
  • Blog Post: Personal Accountability

    So this week’s question from the Washington Post RX Blog was: The Senate Finance Committee passed a bill containing its version of the health-care overhaul. Are you satisfied with this bill? What does it miss? My response is below. There's a long road ahead for health-care reform -- five bills...