Two more significant updates to announce today on the Networking and Access Technologies TechCenter (Network TC, for short). A month ago, the Downloads page, one of the 'global' navigation pages in the Network TC, was updated.

Today two more of these 'global' pages have also been updated:

  • Support page: This page was previously matched to the TechNet Support page, which is to say, much too broadly for networking content. So I've updated to focus it on networking technologies. 
    It also includes several feeds for KB articles about each of the four most current Windows operating systems (Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista).
  • Library page: This is the link that takes you to the networking section of the Technical Library, and it was desperately in need of update. The library is deep -- tens of thousands of pages -- and the networking content is somewhat scattered. Previously, this link took you to a page in the library that had limited scope and no real text.
    With the help of writer Joseph Davies (of Cable Guy fame), I've enriched this page to provide a much broader range of content within the library -- and some content beyond. 

Next up: Updating the Learn page on the Network TC. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them here.

Have a great weekend,
Scott, your Network TC editor