Hello and welcome! This blog is a companion to the Networking and Access Technologies TechCenter found elsewhere on TechNet.

At this point, the Networking TC (as I like to call it), is mostly centered on networking technologies found in the Windows Server operating system. As such, we have a portal page there for each of the major networking technologies. The goal is to help you -- customers and IT pros -- find specific networking content deep in the Windows Server Technical Library and across Microsoft.com.

This blog will be used to highlight updates made on the Networking TechCenter -- and serve as an RSS feed of those updates.

Updates will typically occur anywhere from weekly to daily. You know how blogging is...we'll see how it goes. :)

Thanks, Scott, your Networking TC editor


P.S. I recommend is the WSiX Network Connection blog. It is updated by my counterparts -- the technical writers for networking content on the Windows Server iX team.