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Network Monitor 3.4 Downloads

Network Monitor Experts

Experts are tools that can be run directly from the Network Monitor Application.  They provide external analysis of live or previously captured network traffic.  These experts can help troubleshoot specific problems or provide more information to help you narrow down an issue.

The following site has a list of the currently available experts and is where you are directed when you select "Download Experts" from the Expert Menu in the Network Monitor application.  There you'll also find an SDK which contains a sample and further documentation to help you create your own experts.  The Network Monitor installation provides the Help file which explains the Network Monitor API and includes some sample programs to help you learn.  The install will also provide the header and library files needed to build applications that use the API.

Network Monitor Parsers

The Network Monitor Parsers are constantly evolving and being updated based on changes to documentation and bug fixes.  This can include new/updated standard filters and color sets.  We update the parsers frequently on our Codeplex Parsers site.  We would like to hear from you about problems you find, suggestions for making the parsers more useful, as well as any parsers you'd like to submit.  Additionally, the Microsoft Office team has released parsers for Network Monitor on the Microsoft download center.