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March, 2008

  • Good News

    The good news is that, whatever else might happen, these guys won't get pwned by SQL injection.   (Via GrumpySecurityGuy .)
  • Anatomy of a SQL Injection Incident, Part 2: Meat

    Intro It would appear that the incident I wrote about yesterday is still ongoing. I've been using a search engine to query for the *.js file that's being injected and it looks something like this: Wednesday: 10K hits (This is Avert's number. I didn't...
  • Anatomy of a SQL Injection Incident

    A number of people are reporting that 10K+ websites have been hacked via a SQL injection attack that injected a link to a malicious .js file into text fields in their database. For example, here's Avert Labs report . The reports that I've seen talk about...