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Latest news from the Network Access Protection (NAP) team at Microsoft.

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  • Blog Post: "How Windows Update Client and NAP Client View Important Updates" post

    In a previous blog entry , I talked about the very cool blog written by the Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team in Customer Service and Support (CSS). Louis Hardy, a Senior Support Escalation Engineer and member of a virtual team of CSS engineers that specialize in NAP, recently published the following...
  • Blog Post: SHV Multi-Config in Windows Server 2008 R2

    In Windows Server 2008, a system health validator (SHV) installed on the NPS server can be configured in a single way. This works well if your system health requirements are the same for all of your NAP enforcement methods and all of your computers. However, some deployments require different sets of...
  • Blog Post: Windows Security Health Agent (WSHA) and Windows Security Health Validator (WSHV) - Update

    We have had several questions lately about the WSHA/WSHV so we figured it was time to provide an update to what we previously posted last year. The WSHA is the SHA delivered with Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3. The WSHV is the SHV delivered with Windows Server 2008. They provide the ability to make...