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Get Recognized for your Work on MVA with Degreed

Get Recognized for your Work on MVA with Degreed

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Here at MVA it’s one of our guiding principles that “Your effort and accomplishments should be acknowledged, and we will celebrate your success.” So we are excited to announce that starting today, when you go to the Courses Completed tab on your MVA Dashboard you will notice a link to Degreed where you can create a profile that includes your MVA courses along with your formal education. We encourage you to include a link to your Degreed profile from anywhere you want to showcase all your experience, education and training.

It’s been great to connect with the team at Degreed, and in their own words, from developer Joel Lyons, here’s a little more about the new feature on MVA:

I attended a university in the early 1990’s, working on a Computer Science major.  That time period represented the rise of the Internet, and our industry was barely starting to understand what the world wanted from the web and how software needed to change to fit those demands.  Within the walls of the university, many of the classes I took were still focused on, what seemed to me, yesterday’s problems.  Don’t get me wrong, I learned some timeless principles of software design.  But when we consider how software has changed in the last twenty years, if the degree I received in the 90’s is the only representation of my education, I’m in big trouble!

The problem isn’t only about perishable skills.  How can someone who has gained considerable knowledge through non-traditional methods like online courses, open-source projects, or bootcamps get the formal recognition needed to get that job, that salary, that contract?  What is the alternative credential? 

Degreed is taking that challenge head on.  Degreed is “jailbreaking the degree” by giving you credit for all types of learning, and we’re excited to announce Microsoft has joined Degreed’s crusade.  Now, all your accomplishments at Microsoft Virtual Academy can be easily synced with your Degreed profile.  This is directly in line with MVA’s mantra of “Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving.” 

Degreed already helps you track and showcase your academic and lifelong learning and now, with the launch of the MVA partnership and integrations with sites like Pluralsight and Coderbits, Degreed is expanding to include your professional learning. 

Get recognized for your learning, all of it!

  • This is cool, but will we be able to sync the profiles automatically rather than manually entering the information each time? Any timeframe for the update?

  • That's definitely on the roadmap, but we don't have a solid timeframe yet.

  • It´s great notice, was what was missing to complete the MVA tool.

  • That's Great......Rapid strides for MVA.Truly amazing..

  • Wow! That's inspiring. Signing on to my MVA account right away.

  • Yup, already set up my degreed acct about a month ago when I saw that MVA teamed up with them, it is tedious to enter in your courses, esp when you've got a ton under your belt like myself ;)  Glad to see a sync is in the future - thanks Matt :)

  • A week ago I can not access the courses page of the AMM error reported is: 635182615079823476. Can anyone help me or advise the webmaster of MVA? Thank you!

  • I saw free IT learning online that led me to know much more about MVA.Then thereafter,i decided to get in touch with the MVA team but unfortunately i couldn't  simply because i suggested that there was a technical hitch.So i really need your support because i want to revamp my career on learning IT professionally.And if there are learning materials,please send through the email

  • Dio and Joseph, thanks for your comments. Please email me at so I can help out.

  • Just a simple question. Are the courses free?

  • My access to the MVA was normalized, thank you Mr Calder!

  • I'm interested.

    Please keep me informed.

    ed61115 at gmail dot com

  • While the service sounds useful and personally helpful, the name of sevice company/website seems cynically appropriate for our motivations to use it...

  • I can't see any link to Degreed on my dashboard.

    Is it US only? I am from Europe.

  • @ Marc Catan, yes all the courses offered on MVA are free :-)