Automation brings simplicity to complicated and repeated essential management tasks. System Center Orchestrator 2012 is an automation platform for orchestrating and integrating IT tools to drive down the cost of datacenter operations, while improving the reliability of IT processes. These new virtual labs help you understand the interfaces available with Orchestrator 2012, how to create and use Runbooks to work with File Management Objects, validate Runbooks, and automate recovery of a Windows Service based on alert detection. 

Not ready for Orchestrator? Learn to use App Controller in System Center 2012 for Hybrid Cloud Management in these recent virtual labs.

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System Center 2012 Orchestrator Overview
  and Automation of IT Process

This lab works through several process automation examples, providing hands-on experience with concepts paired with the accompanying guide.  It starts with the basics and guides you towards advanced concepts and techniques in Orchastrator 2012.

Note: the lab spins up two windows: one is the lab environment, and the second is the step-by-step guide documentation.

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