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Continued MVA Site Enhancements

Continued MVA Site Enhancements

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MVA recently updated the look & feel of the site to make it easier for you navigate, find courses, and accelerate your learning.

With the changes that rolled-out across the site last month, MVA users can now:

  • Start learning with fewer clicks using Quick Search right from the MVA Homepage.
  • Get more granular in your search for training on Microsoft technologies with the option to narrow results by multiple products and/or topics on the Find a Course page.
  • Quickly understand how basic or advanced technical content is by looking at the Course Level, which is listed alongside each module and appears in the Find a Course results.
  • Rate courses you've taken and see what your peers think about the quality of each course through our 5 Star Rating system. Try it out by taking & reviewing one of our Windows Server 2012 courses!

We look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue to improve the MVA site: Tell the Dean!

  • didn't realize the site was updated but definitely noticed it suddenly became easier to navigate and somewhat  ''cooler''. Recently upgraded my browser and was thinking it was the upgrade. great job

  • One small improvement I'd recommend is sorting the "Suggested" courses by

    1. Courses not taken, Recommended order

    2. Courses completed or in progress, Recommended order

  • The site is really taking off and look good, I especially like the option to have individual certificates now for each track completed instead of one main transcript.

    One thing I would appreciate is the option to look at a larger list of Students, yes we can see the top 10 but would be great to see a larger list, and give motivation so you could see how far behind the person you were. say for instance the top 100 in your country.

    :) Keep up the great work, I am totally addicted to MVA :)

  • Can you please add back the Percentage Completed value for each course in the Tracks list as this made it very easy to establish what tracks had not been started

  • Thanks for the positive feedback! We're pleased to see that you appreciate the new design and feature enhancements.

    We also appreciate your constructive comments and will share your suggestions with the MVA team.

  • I would second Mikhail's suggestion for a means to more easily locate courses that have been taken.

    As the number of courses increases (and the number I have taken) this becomes more of a requirement.

  • Hi Carlos,

    The update looks great,

    I would like to see courses I've not taken yet in the drop down order options. Same idea as from Roger.

    From Ricky, I would like to second idea to show more than the top ten list.

    Would also like to suggest that the points for the ranking are made up from completed courses (or completed sections) now that the ability to move to next section before finishing the previous one is available.

    Please keep adding content, especially looking forward to detailed and challenging courses for the new wave of server products that are now RTM.

    Also great to see some courses on app dev, would be interested in more of these, the wider the scope the better.

    Kind regards

  • I see some excellent changes happening right before my very eyes.

    Like when you hover over the tracks and it shows which you have completed.

    Looking very good now :)

  • I also have one more question, I think I have accidently added a couple of tracks before I logged in somehow, and the tracks are "Windows Server 8 -First Look" which I doesn't even exist in my tracks and one called "Tech.Days UK IT Pro Camp: Managing consumer devices on a corporate network" - Can these be removed please? They aren't applicable to myself.

    Still addicted though and soaring up the rankings now!

    I am heading for top 10 in UK :) I am currently 67!! Excellent

  • MVA Team:  Way to go!!!!

  • Just to add "Windows Server 8 - First Look" is present on my transcript as in progress, but there is no track for that

    Many thanks if that can be removed along with the other track which is in my tracks list, they wont show on transcript which is great.

    That will keep things tidy for my certificate.

  • That's right, Ricky - as you, Mikhail, and Jeff all requested, we've updated the MVA Search Results page.

    Now, when you view your results list, you can see your progress in each by simply hovering over the course name.

    We've made several other improvements that I'll detail in a new blog post next week: stay tuned!

    Lastly, Ricky - I'll see what I can do about the 2 courses you referenced on your transcript.

  • Hi Carlos and the MVA Team,

    I've just recently signed up and love the interface and the points systems, it's excellent :)

    Further to Ricky's post:

    How can we find out what our profile's alias is? eg: the global #1 atm is 334234, which you can tack onto the end of a URL and share. I'd like to be able to share my profile with my friends so we can compare/discuss etc.

    I'm looking forward to really getting stuck in and making Top 10 for my country! :)

  • I totally agree with Andy, great idea, I am really wanting to show off my progress! ha ha :)

    Would be great to have a URL we could share on a forum, Facebook or Twitter or similar.

    One thing bugging me at the moment is the updating of my position.

    After each part of the course I like to see if I have moved up the rankings, and if I log out immediately and then re-login then my position is updated, but it would be nice not to have to log out and back in again.

    Would be great if this refreshed dynamically as soon as possible

    Not a big problem, but bit buggy none the less.

    I really am loving the MVA and I am now in position 48 for my country after just a few months :) Got to get into top 10!

    I never knew learning could be this addictive!! :)

  • I registered yesterday from work, went home to start using the site again and all my login information is gone. I can't seem to find any help on the issue.

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